This guy is full of weirdness…

Study? Ling Xuanbiao\’s eyes widened, \”Are you planning to learn all of them?\”Try it.Try it…Ling Xuanbiao was almost speechless, but he hurriedly said: \”Eighth brother, every one of these magical skills has incorporated most of the ancestors’ efforts, and even they will have to comprehend for half a lifetime. It takes at least decades, even hundreds of years, for one to cultivate to great achievement, let alone reach the state of transformation. The fourth brother thinks he is greedy for cultivating magical skills, but he has only learned four or five kinds of skills, and he has already felt fatigued. NS.\”A person\’s energy is limited. You can\’t chew too much. Fourth brother suggests that you should choose two or three practice. If you really can\’t practice, choose again. Ling Xuanbiao persuaded.Four brother, don\’t worry, I know in my heart that I won\’t make jokes about my future. Shanghai smiled.You……Seeing the persuasion, Ling Xuanbiao was completely speechless, and shook his head helplessly.Chapter 0793After acquiring more than ten magical skills, Shanghai once again returned to his secret room, and then randomly extracted a magical skill from it. At this moment, his heart was full of expectations, and he wanted to verify whether it was the same as what he had previously thought. .Feng Shen Ling Zhan! Let\’s learn it first.Shanghai put away the rest of the magical skills, and devoted himself to this set of magical skills. There is only one slash inside. Although there is only one slash, what is emphasized is the rapid increase in strength. The faster the speed, the power of the Fengshen Lin slash. The bigger it is, if it reaches ten times the speed of the world, it means that the cultivation has reached a great accomplishment.After reading it carefully and confirming that there were no mistakes, Shanghai closed his eyes slightly, and a virtual scene emerged in the sea of ​​consciousness. It was a slash that was shockingly fast, ten times faster than that. Twenty times the beam.moment!Shanghai opened his eyes, a glimmer of light flashed in his eyes, turning his palm into a knife, and with a wave of his hand, the entire arm disappeared out……A knife was slashed on the meteorite, and when the hand was taken back in Shanghai, the re-shipped meteorite suddenly split in half, and even the barrier behind the secret room was cut into a layer, and it took a while to recover.One time and fifty percent speed…Shanghai\’s eyes lit up, and a look of joy appeared on his face. Sure enough, the three masterful basic magic skills were completely integrated into his body. Only then did he only initially understand the Wind God Spirit Slash, and the shooting speed can only reach 50% at most. Boundary speed, but under the effect of the basic magical skill \”Flash\”, the boundary speed has actually been doubled to 50%, and the natural power is also stronger.Why didn\’t the explosion technique and the shock technique show any effect? ​​Could it be that the Wind God Spirit Slash is a magic technique that quickly increases its power, so it only corresponds to the blessing effect of\’flash\’… Shanghai estimated, and immediately took out another one. Magical skills.

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