The valet’s face was uncertain, his eyes swept across the three of them, “Okay, I’ll wait for you one year later, and see how you can kill me.” He is not afraid of this oath, let alone Yi Feng San. People, even if they doubled, are not his opponents.

Bai Xuemen…One after another, there are strong people coming, either the master of a clan, or the master of a clan. Even if the people who are not the clan leader, but also the deputy clan leader, these people come to the door and bow down one after another, whether it is the peak of the king or The powerhouses at the semi-holy master level all knelt steadily on the ground, not daring to move in the slightest.Looking at the nearly a hundred sect masters kneeling at the entrance of the temple, Shanghai looked still, but she was quite shocked. Some of these people were semi-sage masters, and the rest were at the king level at the worst, and they radiated from them. Judging from the fluctuations in power, the distance from the Heavenly King is not too far away.Any one of these people, when placed in the four regions of the Great Wilderness, is at least a supreme existence like a suzerain or guardian.Unexpectedly, because of a framed incident, so many people would come to bow down.Of course, with the exception of a few people involved in this matter, the others are not necessarily all here to plead guilty, and there are some elements of flattery in it.Looking at the powerhouse in front of me, and then at the third and fifth brothers, they still dealt with it calmly, without the slightest surprise or surprise, on the contrary, they accepted the kneeling of these people for granted.It is conceivable that the spirit and god line in this silver state, including everywhere in the silver state, possesses the terrifying power and power like the emperor of the mortal world.Big brother, these people seem to have come to give you gifts. The third brother Lingxuanhao smiled: \”Don\’t refuse. Once you refuse, these people will probably have trouble sleeping and eating. Of course, you also have to look at the gifts. It’s normal, so you don’t need to accept it.\”Gift…Shanghai was a little surprised, but looking at the appearance of the third brother, he encountered many such things.Immediately after thinking about it, I was relieved. I have already established my own life experience. I am the grandson of the current patriarch of the Spirit God. Not to mention the strong people of Silver Sky City who want to curry favor, even those of the branches and collaterals will go forward. Come and make friends, this is humanity and sophistication.Let them come in, just say that the eighth brother made it. Ling Xuanhao knew that Shanghai had never experienced such a scene, and said directly to Yuan Tianjue.The Eighth Young Master let you in. Yuan Tianjue said loudly.Pause!The sect masters of the major sects who were kneeling on the ground got up and stepped forward in an orderly manner. The leader was the leader of the worship of the moon. This person lowered his head and did not dare to raise his head. The special small prohibition, and in the plate, is a god of heaven and earth in the shape of a ginseng.The Purple Profound Ginseng, which is still ten thousand years old, is good enough to be among the eighth rank divine things, Lingxuanhao laughed. This kind of thing is still in his eyes, but it\’s only in the eyes, not the best thing.The eighth-rank fetish is the rank of the heaven and earth gods. Shanghai has learned in the servant hall that there are nine ranks of the gods, and the nine-rank is the lowest, and the heaven and earth gods he exchanges in the servant hall are all nine-ranks, the eighth-rank gods. The immortal crystals needed by things are at least more than a thousand, which is almost equivalent to the blood of the descendants of the first generation of gods with good quality.Please forgive the Eighth Young Masters. The Moon Worship Master\’s voice trembled a little. At this moment, he seemed quite upset and uneasy. This Purple Profound Ginseng is the treasure of the Moon Worship Church. If it weren\’t for this accident, he would also Will not take it out.You will not be held accountable for this matter. Shanghai waved his hand.

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