The two six-star peak powerhouses realized

Deacon Mu showed a flattering smile, he naturally saw Shanghai, but he just glanced diagonally, not paying too much attention to it.Deacon Mu, this guy is going to use this crystal to gamble with me and ask you to come here as a testimony, by the way, to make a transcript, so as not to say nothing by then.Ling Wuyan points to Shanghai. He is also afraid that Shanghai will immediately slip away if he loses. If he makes a transcript at Tianyu Gambling House, it will be completely different. Once Shanghai fails to comply, Tianyu Gambling House will intervene and even send a strong one. Suppress it here and keep him from leaving.This crystal…Deacon Mu saw the crystallization in Shanghai\’s hands, and he couldn\’t help but stunned, and immediately his eyes became weird, as if he was looking at a fool. As the deacon of the Tianyu Gambling House, this person already knew the crystallization well, occasionally He would also take a gamble. Based on his insight, he has won a few years.Using honeycomb crystals to place a bet, Deacon Mu had been in Tianyu Gambling House for hundreds of years, and this was the first time he saw him.Deacon Mu, take out the contract. Ling Wu said urged.Oh yes! Yes!Deacon Mu quickly took out the three contracts, which are standing by the gambling house, in order to give the gamblers to gambling with each other, and the gambling house will also get a certain amount of rake in the gambling.I don\’t know how the two of you bet?If he draws a treasure from this crystallization, I will not only compensate him for the corresponding item according to the estimated price, but also give him 300,000 high-grade Yuanjing. Ling Wuyan said.Three…300,000 high-grade Yuanjing…Deacon Mu was stunned. Although he had seen a lot of big bets, in the first level, it was only a bet of tens of thousands. The above bet has not been seen for more than six thousand years, let alone the bet of 300,000, which is not even considered the value of the treasure in the enchantment.However, can honeycomb crystals produce treasures?It\’s almost impossible, but Deacon Mu is sure that this game will definitely win speechless. As for Shanghai, he is just a fool, knowing that he is losing, he has to gamble.If he loses, he will be a servant for life. Ling Silent pointed to Shanghai.Servant for life…Deacon Mu was speechless at once, knowing that he would lose, he had to catch himself up. Such fools are simply rare in the world.Thinking that way, Deacon Mu finished the contract and handed it up, \”Two, please drop your finger blood.\”Afterwards!

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