Before, because she was afraid of this villain, she didn\’t look at him carefully before. Now she can look at him quietly.

Several people were very happy. Wen Yueshan said, \”remember to bring more, and I want them too.\” she liked the headband on Xiao AI\’s head and had to buy more. \”OK.\” Li Siyu promised happily. Anyway, why do you promise if you have money to earn? \”I want them too! Bring me two.\” Wang Yuanyuan pretended to look at her calmly, and then muttered in her heart. She had offended Li Siyu in the past. I don\’t know if she would like to bring it back to her. But she also wanted the rope. It looked very good, so she had the cheek to say, \”if you have money to buy it, I\’ll help anyone.\” Li Siyu said indifferently. Anyway, everyone has to buy it with money and sell it to everyone. Wang Yuanyuan was relieved when she heard this, as long as she didn\’t refuse. At the alley outside the school, pockmarked face shivered and hugged his arm to keep warm. He looked at the people outside and didn\’t come back. He scolded, \”Smelly woman, you won\’t come back if you run out. You\’ve been waiting for most of the day.\” Pockmarked son returned to school angrily. He had to let her have a good look next time he saw someone. The next morning, Li Siyu got up early and left with her schoolbag on her back, but the others didn\’t wake up. She took the earliest bus and rushed to the place where she looked at the house yesterday. Now it\’s just seven o\’clock in the morning, people have already got up and had breakfast. Li Siyu suddenly remembered that she hasn\’t eaten yet, No There was no hurry. We had to solve the house problem first. When we arrived at the old Wu\’s house, Li Siyu came forward and knocked on the door. Within a minute, a man in his thirties came out. He looked up and down at Li Siyu and asked, \”who are you looking for?\” Li Siyu smiled and replied, \”I came to see the house yesterday. Let\’s go in and say it?\” At this time, many people go to work in the morning, and passers-by will see it. The man suddenly remembered what she said and said, \”come in.\” when they entered the yard, people came out of the house. It was the aunt of yesterday.

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