He drank it mouthful by mouthful, and the taste was still sweet. However, after drinking the soup, she slowly sweated. The white face is glittering and translucent beads of sweat, and the whole person\’s skin color has turned pink, which looks very attractive.

Suddenly Xu Weinan was black in front of his eyes, beaten on his neck, and then lost consciousness. \”Drag away!\” Li Kang looked at the darkness, and asked another person to drag Xu Weinan into the alley. After a meal in the alley and returning my drift fist and invincible whirlwind feet, Li Kang put away the sack and the two ran away. After more than ten minutes, Xu Weinan opened his eyes and felt sore all over, especially his face, as if he were numb? She sat up fiercely, which pulled all the injuries on her body. \”Hiss\” Xu Weinan took a cold breath in pain. She didn\’t care about the injuries on her body. She immediately checked her clothes and didn\’t pull them. She breathed a sigh of relief. She immediately turned over her backpack. There were all the things in it, and there were four yuan a minute. Therefore, someone simply wanted to beat her? Xu Weinan immediately thought of Zhang Dawei. It must be him. The people who couldn\’t get her now actually began to play Yin tricks. However, Xu Weinan did not dare to ask Zhang Dawei for an explanation, because she couldn\’t beat Zhang Dawei. Xu Weinan cried out wrongfully. Why is she always injured? Why didn\’t Zhang Dawei let her go! Zhang Dawei:??? Li Siyu: silence upstairs. On the other side, Li Kang returned to Lincheng\’s residence with sacks and saw him nod. Lin Cheng crossed his legs with satisfaction, \”very good.\” should that annoying Jing Xu Weinan not appear tomorrow? Tut tut Tut, let Xu Weinan cry. See if she dares to bully my little daughter-in-law in the future. Xu Weinan cried enough in the alley and stumbled back to the dormitory. His face was blue and purple and tears. Don\’t mention how pathetic it is. \”Ah! My God!\” Liu Chengxue was startled by Xu Weinan who suddenly appeared at the corner. Xu Weinan may feel that he looks very poor. In fact, he is very penetrating. Liu Chengxue was startled by the sudden pig head and face just now, and almost didn\’t kick it.

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