Hearing the speech, Shen Ling was surprised and her heart was full of doubts.

Li Chengcai thought of the Chen family\’s dinner, bean stew, just a few pieces of meat. He doesn\’t want to eat there. It\’s good to eat at home. When the old lady heard about it, she calmed down. \”What else did you say?\” the old lady didn\’t want to be careless about her grandson\’s marriage. The man hasn\’t left his eight characters yet. It doesn\’t hurt to make all the snacks. There\’s something wrong in the future. The eldest daughter-in-law complains about her. Chapter 127 secrets that can\’t be told Li Chengcai sat aside and thought of what happened tonight. He said, \”let the parents of the two sides talk about it. Chen Huan\’s family is eighteen and should get married first if they don\’t get married.\” the old lady nodded. The woman is really old enough to get married. \”Send a message to your mother tomorrow.\” she doesn\’t want to make decisions about it, It\’s too late to complain and make mistakes. Li Chengcai has a father and a mother. She is just a grandmother. She used to be the master of the family. Now people are separated. She is not easy to be the master. Now the old lady thinks very much. She just wants Li Siyu to be good. She doesn\’t want so much else. Lin Cheng took advantage of the dark and came back with a car. He asked Li Chengcai to help carry the things on the bus. There are too many things to move during the day. The old lady was surprised to see so many boxes carried out from Li Siyu\’s room. \”When did you have so many things in your room?\” she went to her room last night. I don\’t know how so many things came out. Li Siyu said mysteriously, \”you didn\’t bring it home this afternoon. Don\’t tell others.\” when you said it, it was revealed. The old lady nodded immediately, and she listened to what the old girl said. At the same time, she was very upset. Why did she go out to chat in the afternoon? It\’s good to help the old girl move things at home. After moving things, the old lady and Li Chengcai went back first. Li Siyu stood at the gate to see him off. Lin Cheng looked at Li Siyu and didn\’t ask. He knew. Li Siyu didn\’t want to tell him at all. \”I\’ll go back first. You hurry back. It\’s cold at night.\” Lin Cheng looked at Li Siyu reluctantly. It\’s love and hate.

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