Mother Qinghe and the palace maids behind her turned white and almost collapsed.

But Zhang Xuewen is not a selfish person. He can believe that Li Siyu will not only be a secretary in the future, so he will love talents. Li Siyu: Well, you have vision, and your efforts have not been wasted. On the face, Li Siyu looked at Zhang Xuewen in surprise. \”Deputy mine manager Zhang, it\’s my honor that I can contribute to the mine. I want to be a brick in the mine, where I need to move it!\” \”good, good.\” Zhang Xuewen nodded with satisfaction. Li Siyu returned to his seat with great satisfaction. After work, Tao Dan waited for her at the gate of the mine, which surprised her. \”Why are you here?\” Li Siyu greeted with a smile. Tao Dan patted her on the shoulder. \”I went to your house to see my aunt. I haven\’t seen it for so long.\” Li Siyu nodded when she saw a cloth bag hanging on the handle of her car. \”Let\’s go.\” Tao Dan\’s cycling skills are good, very stable, but the seat is too far from her ass. The old lady was surprised to see Li Siyu bring a little girl back. \”Is this your colleague?\” chapter 67 Gao Yuan Li Siyu nods. \”Just cook some rice in the evening. Tao Dan eats here.\” Tao Dan doesn\’t refuse. He takes out a can of wheat milk essence and a bag of half a catty of brown sugar. \”What are you doing with these things? It\’s not allowed next time.\” Li Siyu smiled and put them in the cabinet. He made her another glass of sugar water. The old lady cooked two rice in the evening, scrambled eggs, shredded potatoes and shredded meat. This specification is good. Ordinary people eat it during festivals or when they improve their meals. But these are the usual meals of Lao Li\’s family.

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