Shen\’s? Empress Dowager Yang was stunned. She said as if there was no Shen\’s girl. Then she reacted, are you talking about Shen Ling of Shen\’s family? she asked hesitantly.

But even so, his figure still stands. At this time, he was holding a stone sword in his hand. His face was cold and fierce. He quietly saw the front. The green light in the stone sword flowed and disappeared slowly. Four Dharma Qingyun! What Fang Yang cut out with this blow was the power of the green clouds of the four methods. The four Dharma Qingyun, who has accumulated his own strong sword intention, once it breaks out, even the unparalleled Golden Dragon Dharma phase can\’t retreat! After eating a whole move of vigorous sword Gang, the Dragon twisted and howled in pain. How can the power of the four methods Qingyun be underestimated? Such a sword power is enough to hurt him. Originally, the Golden Dragon Dharma phase had been urging the Golden Dragon halberd one after another. In addition, he had always occupied the initiative. The force of strong attack made Fang Yang never fight back for a long time. Of course, he relaxed his vigilance. After being hit hard by this sword, the dragon\’s unparalleled Dharma phase is difficult to maintain. The golden light diffused and dispersed slowly. The dragon\’s unparalleled body was shocked, and the Golden Dragon disappeared without a trace. His whole person was like being beaten out. \”Hum.\” long Wushuang gave a stuffy hum and his face was bloodless. When he looked carefully, there was a bruise on his waist, and a piece of blood was seeping out. \”Good, good, you Fang Yang, dare to cheat me.\” he was livid and furious. It was unbearable for Fang Yang to suffer such a big loss in his hands. Obviously, he has an absolute advantage and wants to kill Fang Yang directly. In the end, the boy is still alive, but he can\’t make it. The four Dharma Qingyun is also a congenital mysterious treasure. How powerful the power of a blow is. The unparalleled dragon power can\’t completely dispel the sword Qi. Look at the matchless dragon. Fang Yang\’s eyes are shining and elated. Even if he is in poor condition at this time, he is even worse than long Wujue! Seize the opportunity. At the thought of this place, Fang Yang had four methods. As soon as the green cloud was collected, the nine palace sword floated out again. Step by step, the wind and thunder flowed. Yin and yang are full of mysterious Qi. Fang Yang\’s whole body is black and white. The sword blade in his hand is also full of sword Qi and comes from a strong attack. The dragon is unparalleled. He ate his one move, four methods and Qingyun. Coupled with the loss of his previous reckless movement of dragon breath, it is afraid that he can\’t resist him in a short time. Take advantage of this time to kill the dragon! Fang Yang picked up the sword blade in his hand, and the sword light came out. Under the diffuse sword Qi, the wind and cloud rolled, the thunder sea waves, and his brain went towards the unparalleled coverage of the dragon.

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