Shen Ling nodded, which seemed to be his style. However, your majesty just scolded Chenghe county leader in a word. Shen Xian said quietly.

Fang Yang looked at him with an eyebrow and smiled gently. He could understand the man\’s idea. He was probably not convinced of himself. This kind of thing is also normal. After all, most of his reputation is passed on. There will always be some arrogant people who will not be convinced without seeing it with their own eyes. \”Can\’t you come here? Then I\’ll leave.\” Fang Yang shrugged and turned away. There\’s no need to be angry about this little thing. He\’s not a fledgling young man. After going through so many storms, Fang Yang\’s state of mind is also calmer. However, when he wanted to go, huofei suddenly stretched out his hand to stop him. He stared: \”you come and go. What\’s on our side? No, you must have secretly learned our wind and fire tactics. You have to give me an explanation.\” \”what do you want to explain?\” Fang Yang\’s eyebrows twisted. \”Fight with me! If you win, I\’ll let you go.\” huofei said. He also despised Fang Yang in his heart. The boy was not tough at all. He didn\’t respond to his coercion. He was really a wax gun head. Brother Huofan was right. Outsiders can fish for fame! Today, he must tear down the boy\’s disguise and let everyone see. If he wants to save our tribe, he still depends on his own people and brother fire fan! Thinking of this, huofei is a little reluctant. Fang Yang looked at him with tears and smiles. Although I don\’t understand why he came out to find fault, I can also see his confidence. He could not help shaking his head. He would not agree to such a meaningless struggle. Now the Fenghuo tribe is in full swing against the Longyuan Dynasty. Any competition is an act of internal friction and has no value. Whether he wins or the other side wins, it has no other effect except to lose his own power. Therefore, Fang Yang also has no intention to fight. However, the more Fang Yang is like this, the more he causes huofei\’s rebellious psychology. He can be sure that this boy must have no real strength, otherwise he can\’t use such a mother! Seeing that he was about to keep up with him, a sharp drink sounded: \”huofei, what are you doing!!\” hearing this sound, huofei\’s body immediately stiffened. Fang Yang also turned his head and saw the leader huojiu come out. He was not angry and threatened. He looked at huofei\’s face: \”You\’re provoking me again! Childe Fang Yang is our ally. Don\’t apologize soon.\” facing the leader huofei, he didn\’t have the momentum he had before. He snorted and stared at Fang Yang and said, \”this thing won\’t end like this!\” then he turned and ran away. The petite Feng opened his mouth and bowed to Fang Yang: \”I\’m sorry, I\’m sorry, please forgive him.\” then he hurried to catch up. Fang Yang looked funny. What\’s all this? \”Childe Fang Yang, let you see a joke.\” huojiu sighed. \”The young people of our tribe are all angry and rash. It\’s really inappropriate.\”

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