For a moment, everyone knew your Majesty\’s attitude towards her. Didn\’t you see that your majesty didn\’t stay enough time as usual?

Long Jing was crushed and long Li could last for a period of time. At this time, Jin can\’s light flowed on him. From a distance, it really had a sense of coldness and terror that shook the mountain. Such a scene made the sand thieves around noisy. \”Next, I\’ll kill you all!\” the sand thief leader shouted with high momentum. But before he could act, there was a roar of anger and concussion between the yellow sand rolled by the knife gang. \”Roar!\” the Dragon roared violently, making the sand under him shake and burst away. Between the covered yellow sand, a body suddenly flew out at an extremely fast speed. In the blink of an eye, it came to the leader of the sand thief, and a violent dark Qi spread and roared over the leader of the sand thief. The sand bandit leader didn\’t expect the sudden attack, even didn\’t defend, so he was directly swallowed by the palm strength. Bang! He bumped heavily into the yellow sand and blew up a piece of gold. \”Boss Xu!\” the warrior at the bottom shouted excitedly. It\’s not Xu Zhen who came out of the sand. At this time, Xu Zhen\’s whole body is also golden. The dragon power is high. It is obvious that he has crushed a piece of Dragon Crystal and obtained such combat power. The dragon power is surrounded. With his own manic and restless Xuanqi, he can give full play to his vigorous power. The leader of the sand thief was hit by a palm and crashed into the yellow sand. He roared and lost face. After struggling, he cut it out mercilessly. The dragon power is swirling, the yellow sand is sweeping, and the vigorous force of Dao Gang reappears again. However, this time Xu Zhen was also a person who supported the dragon power. He was not afraid of the cutting attack of the sand thief leader. In the face of this cutting, he not only did not shrink back, but was in a strong shape and went straight up. The Dragon Power blessing is between the palms and pressed down with one palm. Boom. The real roar came in an endless stream.

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