So he went away with more joy.

Mu Qian noticed the scene here and shouted angrily. Unfortunately, his mind was on Fang Yang. He had no time to resist the attack of these Dharma array guns. In a hurry, he urged the Qian Mu Dharma phase after his birth again. There were four hands on his sixteen arms, and the palms appeared in his eyes. The light flows between the eyes of the needle and blesses Fang Yang, which makes him deeply trapped in illusion. Fang Yang also happened to be swept by the black dragon. His body trembled and a big mouthful of blood vomited out. He was seriously injured. Muqian wanted to work hard and kill Fang Yang directly, but at this time, the shells of these ten FA array guns had fallen to Fang Yang\’s side. The sound of roaring and explosion came one after another. The Xuanqi shells accumulated in the French array guns were the purest Xuanqi aggregates with great power. Under this continuous explosion, the strong Qi continued to form a piece, which directly included Fang Yang. Fang Yang, who was deeply trapped in the illusion, was supposed to face the inevitable attack of the black dragon. At this time, countless mysterious Qi suddenly burst out from the empty land around. His strength fluctuated and the wind swept around. His body at the top was shaking with wind and rain, but the body of the black dragon in front was slightly distorted, and the original inevitable attack also stopped suddenly. After all, Mu Qian\’s illusion affects Fang Yang\’s nerve, and once Fang Yang\’s nerve is affected by other attacks, it will change the illusion in front of him. Between this small stagnation, Fang Yang\’s eyes were big and bright, and the haze spread all over his eyes dispersed, replaced by pure light. \”Caught in the trap!\” Fang Yang suddenly woke up. He had no time to think before. Seeing the strange scene in front of him, he didn\’t understand what had happened. He shouted angrily. He knew that the spirit in the sea was bright. He saw that the branches of the ancient trees were swaying and the green light was shining. The spirit was wrapped all over his body. Even if de Fangyang broke away from his current illusion and swept away in front of him, where could he see any black dragon? It was clearly an empty sea. Did you attack the empty sea for such a long time? Fang Yang\’s complexion was slightly heavy. When he turned his head, he also saw the thousands of eyes not far away. His thousands of eyes stood between heaven and earth, and his eyes were bright between his palms, with a dazzling feeling of heart rippling. But fortunately, the spirit of Fang Yang has been blessed. The nerve is protected by the spirit and will no longer be affected by this pupil technique. He stood with his sword in his hand, and when he saw his eyes in the distance, a sense of surprise also appeared in his heart. With only one step to go, he was almost doomed. Chapter 648 was startled and turned his eyes, showing a thousand faces. It was a good situation. It was obvious that Fang Yang could be buried once, but he didn\’t expect to wake him up from his illusion. Magic is a means that can give full play to the best effect under the raid. Once others are alert, it is extremely difficult to make each other sink. Especially those strong spirits like Fang Yang, who are highly vigilant and blessed with spirits, are most able to resist illusions.

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