Hearing the speech, Shen Ling sneered in her heart. In the original book, the original body heard this sentence and immediately agreed. Later, she was in deep love with sister Shen Xian, but she pushed out the original body when she needed it, making her the concubine of the tyrant Cheng Yuan emperor.

\”He deserves to be a master of wood attribute, and his vitality is really tenacious.\” Fang Yang frowned. The river and other trees are much more difficult than they expected. Jiang bieshu\’s face was iron green and roared, \”come out and kill them!\” his voice echoed. Then he saw that among the trees set up around him, the bodies flew out directly, all covered with green and empty eyes. Jiang bieshu has been killing for a long time. There are many martial artists who have been completely occupied by him with wood Qi. This is his base camp. Looking at the gathering of tree people, there are more than a thousand. Sun rukong and others changed greatly. \”Jiang bieshu! You\’ve gone against the rules and killed many people in vain. You\’re an evil devil. Since we\’re here today, you can\’t escape!\” the four people saw the scene in front of them. They were all cold and angry. The more than a thousand martial artists with empty eyes are just like the undead soul. They are all fresh evidence of Jiang bieshu\’s sin. Jiang bieshu\’s behavior is not only the definition of a ferocious warrior, but also a little worse than comparing him to the Eight Generals under the Emperor Ming. \”Useless as a warrior? Hahaha, the world\’s law of the jungle. As long as I\’m strong enough, I\’ll be just!! do you still want to kill me? Today, I\’ll let you die first!!\” Jiang bieshu laughed wildly. With his control, more than a thousand low Warriors moved together. These warriors have wood Qi in their bodies. Their flesh is immortal and extremely difficult to entangle. More than a thousand people are flying and agile like tigers and leopards. There is a dark wood Qi in Jiang bieshu\’s body between attacks. Once blood gets into the body, it\’s not fun. Fang Yang said in a deep voice, \”these people are dead. Keeping their bodies now makes them feel uneasy. Let\’s surpass them here!\” his words also attracted the resonance of the three people. They responded together and shot one after another. Kui mountain is full of earth and stone, and mysterious Qi. Take a palm and there is no flesh and blood in the place you pass. Sun rukong is similar to him. The heaven and earth stick technique compresses heaven and earth. No one who is covered in it survives. Fang Yang and Tong Yu are both people who urge the mysterious Qi of fire attribute. The surging fire waves are also burned without wood Qi. The situation is completely one-sided, but even so, there are too many tree people here. Jiang bieshu took advantage of the people being entangled by the tree people, stepped on it and flew out, but the direction was towards the coming position. \”Jiang bieshu, don\’t run!\” Tong Yu roared. The fire waves rolled around him, knocked the tree crowd apart and chased Jiang bieshu. Fang Yang three people also want to follow, but at this time, the shadow of the three Taoists fled, one by one, to resist. It\’s the Golden Lion wanqingtian three! The three of them are all the martial artists in front of Longbang. Their flesh is strong. This time, they add the wood Qi of Jiang bieshu. Their flesh is not dead and more difficult to deal with. They don\’t know how many times stronger than the other martial artists. They are resisted by the three together with the other tree people, which slightly alleviates the pursuit of Fang Yang.

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