Yang Jun\’s sister-in-law was very lucky. She became a regular in a month and was directly promoted to a higher level.

Roar! The shadow of the dragon snake sword floated out and bumped into Hu Hongzhi. From a distance, it was like a bear snake confrontation. Hu Hongzhi\’s power was just fierce, which was rare in the world. Even Fang Yang\’s domineering sword did not show much power when it hit her, but was killed by Hu Hongzhi, His dragon and snake sword Qi was shattered before long. Then Hu Hongzhi approached Fang Yang like a bloated giant bear. Although her figure is huge, she is actually very clever. In the blink of an eye, she has moved from a hundred steps in front of Fang Yang. As she approached, Fang Yang only felt the stagnant breath in front of her, such as falling into the mud, which was becoming more and more uncomfortable. \”Ha!\” feeling his own stickiness, Fang Yang shouted angrily. The pure Yang Xuanqi burned like a fire, wrapped itself in an instant, and then photographed with a Taiyuan god fire palm. Fang Yang\’s body is strong, and his pure Yang and Xuanqi are just as strong as Yang. He is a good hand in one-on-one attack. Martial artists of the same level dare not fight with him, but the Hu Hongzhi in front of him is different. Seeing Fang Yang\’s vigorous palm pressure, Hu Hongzhi didn\’t mean to shrink back. The mysterious Qi on her body surface became more and more introverted, but she revealed a stronger power. Facing Fang Yang\’s Taiyuan god fire palm, she gave a flat and light slap. The contact between the two palms was originally the time when Fang Yang\’s fire grew into great power, but when he rubbed Hu Hongzhi\’s meat palm, it was like patting a mosquito. The strong wind of one palm blew away directly, and the afterwave of Chunyang\’s strong Qi vibrated. However, he did not leave any damage on Hu Hongzhi. On the contrary, Hu Hongzhi\’s palm strength went directly to Fang Yang\’s face through the fire. The strong wind hit my face like ten thousand steel knives. Under the fierce wind, Fang Yang felt that his flesh and blood were about to separate, and he couldn\’t help being surprised. What is his constitution? It\’s made of various heaven and earth spiritual treasures. It\’s strong in flesh and blood. It\’s not like ordinary people. Fang Yang\’s own flesh is not much weaker than the big demons in the general Tianyang realm. Even the Purple Striped xuanbing can resist it. But in the face of Hu Hongzhi, Fang Yang found that his flesh was not much different from ordinary people. \”If I\’m caught by this palm, I\’m afraid I\’ll end up breaking my flesh and blood.\” thinking of this, Fang Yang\’s face suddenly changed. The nine palace sword in his hand was horizontal, and the sword Qi exploded and recoiled to resist. Boom! Although the meat palm slightly reduced his strength, the rest of his strength broke out on Fang Yang\’s nine palace sword. The powerful power feedback forced Fang Yang to fly back directly. His body bumped heavily against the Palace door behind him, echoing with a dull sound, and the sound of bone fragmentation occurred one after another. Under this palm, Fang Yang\’s viscera were broken and his mouth and nose gushed blood. He only felt that the blood and flesh of his whole body should be completely crushed. \”So strong\” Fang Yang vomited blood and his eyes were red. Under the shock of Juli, his eyes were red and congested, just like an evil ghost. He stumbled and slipped from the Palace door. His flesh and blood were weak and he couldn\’t lift any strength. He was also filled with horror.

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