Determined, Li Siyu is going to ask Tao Dan to have a meal at home.

Between a lush mountain forest, the horizon flashed, and immediately flew into the mountains. Boom! Smoke and dust rose everywhere, and two figures appeared between pieces of branches and leaves. Wen ruohuo was dressed in a red robe and was very angry. At this time, his face was withered. Once he landed, a mouthful of blood gushed out. At the position of his chest, a finger hole could be clearly seen, and the wound was filled with a touch of gold. Even if Wen ruohuo was a martial artist in Tianyang, jiuhuo\’s real body had long been successful, but it was still difficult to recover this wound. He wasted his time on the ground. Ignoring his own trauma, he took out several fire pills one after another and fed them to Fang Yang. It was a little relieved to swallow them. \”Unexpectedly, it\’s terrible that the Dragon Emperor Longyuan didn\’t die and broke through to the half immortal state.\” he smiled bitterly. At the thought of the unavoidable golden awn running through him, he felt his back cold. The previous golden light column not only hurt the body, but also the spirit. If it is not Wen ruohuo, who is also an old Tianyang with a hundred years of experience, I\’m afraid the spirit will be destroyed under the previous move. Rao is so. He is hard hit at this time. He can\’t recover without three years of precipitation and cultivation. \”Fortunately, when I was teaching you the skill, I left a fire burning mark on your boy. The mark was excited and burned blood to believe that I could arrive in time, otherwise you would be dead.\” he looked at Fang Yang who was unconscious beside him and muttered to himself. On that day, the two fled out of the jinghuoyan cave. Wen ruohuo fled away after a war with Sima Xiangshan. Due to the heavy losses and the loss of a hundred years of repression, he directly sought a volcano and closed it directly. He didn\’t know anything about the outside world. I just woke up recently and immediately felt the danger of Fang Yang. Relying on the fire mark on Fang Yang, I rushed to the critical moment and saved Fang Yang\’s life. At this time, under the power of Longyuan\’s eyes, Fang Yang was severely damaged, and 80% of his vitality was cut off. Wen ruohuo was worried at first that he could not survive, but after careful observation, he was relieved. Although most of the vitality of Fang Yang\’s body is broken, there is a strong recovery force coming out. If we perceive the spirit, we will find that the power of recovery is the essence of the dragon in the body. This is the essence of a real dragon, which contains the power of the soul. It is a general force. When the dragon was unmatched, the essence of the Dragon essence in Fang Yang was transferred. The last dragon yuan hit was on the verge of death. All the potentials in the body were squeezed out, and the essence of the dragon spread between the flesh and blood, making the flesh and blood of the Fang Yang reorganized. Recover from the injury. There was a bright golden awn on Fang Yang\’s body. The bones and flesh that had been broken under the power of Longyuan\’s eyes recovered quickly. It took a whole day. When Li Ming rose the next day, Fang Yang\’s golden awn flashed to the extreme, and then suddenly closed and disappeared into nothingness. His closed eyes suddenly opened and sat up directly. Fang Yang\’s body was tight and his eyes swept around. Before he was unconscious, he still thought about long yuan. Subconsciously, he wanted to check the scene around him, but when he swept it, he found that the scene was different. \”This\” Fang Yang was stunned.

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