Suddenly, Li Siyu\’s hand was tightly grasped.

The black vulture when Fang Yang first saw her should have died under this attack. Each water blade is sharp enough to divide gold and stone. The dense water blades run through it. The attack frequency of the thunder patterned finch is also greatly reduced. The water flow has the characteristics of guiding lightning. Whenever the lightning on the thunder patterned finch strikes Fang Yang and them, it can He was easily blocked by the water polo and guided aside. During the fierce battle between the two, Ao Ling was also firmly in the upper hand. He saw that he was gradually close to the mountain wall and the valley was in front. Fang Yang\’s heart suddenly jumped. He turned his head and looked, but he saw several familiar figures running up. \”Fang Yang! Where to run!\” It was Li Bei who caught up with them at this time! Li Bei and his party chased all the way along the location where the water vapor left on the wasteland. After vaguely guessing Ao Ling\’s identity, they also guessed their location, so they ran directly to the Luofeng Valley here. When they got close, they really saw their bodies on the top of the mountain. Li Bei was killed when they saw Fang Yang Flowing and shouting angrily, the silver sword in his hand moved and the light of the sword lit up. Tianshu! The swift sword light penetrated from behind and hit Fang Yang and AO Ling directly on the back. Fang Yang\’s face sank, and AO Ling in front was still fighting with the thunder patterned sparrow and couldn\’t get away. The sword light behind him galloped. Once it was hit by this sword light, Fang Yang and AO Ling would be hurt. He He turned his mind and made a quick decision. Regardless of anything, Ao Ling threw himself on AO Ling\’s waist and threw himself forward. Ao Ling exclaimed. He didn\’t expect Fang Yang to take this action. He couldn\’t struggle for a moment. He threw himself forward with Fang Yang\’s strength. In front of them was the Luofeng Valley tens of feet high! Whoosh. Their body shape disappeared, and Li Bei\’s Tianshu sword was directly worn After passing their previous position, they bumped into the thunder patterned finch. The thunder patterned finch stumbled and its feathers trembled, and then became angry. Ignoring Fang Yang and others, they turned their eyes and saw Li Bei and others. It screamed sharply and its wings flashed. The thunder swept and attacked Li Bei again. \”Damn it, catch up with the boy.\” Seeing that Fang Yang had evaded the blow, Li Bei was furious. He just wanted to chase after him, but he was entangled by the thunder pattered sparrow. He was very angry. At the foot of the mountain, two figures entangled together and rolled down the rocks. They rolled down ten feet of mountains all the way. Finally, their bodies hit the ground heavily, which stopped the momentum. \”Pain\” Fang Yang only felt that his bones were scattered for a while and smiled bitterly. \”Fortunately, my physique is strong enough. It\’s okay even if I don\’t have Xuanqi to protect my body from falling from such a high place, otherwise I really can\’t live.\”

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