Chapter 40 party

Huo Qilin felt Fang Yang\’s breath and knew that he was the guy who stole his pure Yang Bodhi. Naturally, he followed Fang Yang closely. He directly ignored Feng Wuji and ran past them. The smell of flame alone made the protective Gang on Feng Wuji\’s body surface listless. He stared at Fang Yang and Huo Qilin disappearing in the distance. Then he reacted and shouted, \”be careful!\” but Fang Yang couldn\’t hear \”freak, this guy is really a freak.\” Feng Wuji said with a bitter smile, \”Unexpectedly, he can run out of the fire slurry. No wonder he can break such a great reputation. How many can he do with this divine means alone?\” When he first heard Fang Yang\’s story, Feng Wuji despised it. He was cold and arrogant. When he hadn\’t seen it with his own eyes, he thought it was exaggerated by others. But this time, he really got along with Fang Yang for a period of time and knew that all the words said outside were true. If the two really wanted to fight the enemy and Fang Yang didn\’t keep his hand, Feng Wuji didn\’t feel confident at all Yes, Guo Fangyang. \”It\’s stronger than Qian Zhuofeng! I\’m afraid that the only one who can compete with him on the list of new stars of the Longyuan Dynasty is that guy.\” Feng Wuji suddenly thought of something and grinned. \”It\’s just that the man is also in the Chunyang true clan. They should have a chance to fight.\” \”young master Feng, what shall we do?\” At this time, Feng Xiaojiu asked, \”collect the order first and complete the needs of both of us. After Fang Yang leaves huoqilin, he will naturally contact us.\” Feng Wuji said. Feng Xiaojiu was very important. Unconsciously, the two of them also had enough confidence in Fang Yang. On the other side, Fang Yang sped out of a hundred miles one after another. He saw that he was getting closer and closer than Huo Qilin. He couldn\’t help scolding. This beast is really difficult. He felt that the mysterious Qi in his body had been consumed , Fang Yang\’s mind moved. He took out the beast ring and summoned the grey feather finch. Since he got the grey feather Finch, Fang Yang has always served him well. After all, flying monsters are extremely useful even if they are not in the bone tooth mountains. Riding on the grey feather Finch, his wings spread like the wind. After all, flying monsters are faster than Fang Yang\’s own flying in the sky is much faster. With the help of the grey feather Finch, he finally stabilized the distance between him and the Fire Kirin. \”This is not the way. Once the grey feather finch\’s strength is exhausted, he will still be caught up by the Fire Kirin.\” Fang Yang frowned. Huo Qilin locked his breath and wanted to get rid of it. It was not so easy unless he pulled down a hundred miles at one breath, but it was obviously impossible at the speed of the two. \”If only I had that kind of phantom symbol in my hand.\” Fang Yang missed the spell that Wumeng had given him. His soul turned and looked around between the trial mountains. After galloping a hundred miles away, Fang Yang\’s mind moved and suddenly found something, which urged the gray feather finch under him to gallop down a valley. Hua Hua.

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