Li Siyu looked for a while and was a little uncertain whether it was a black market.

Due to the particularity of water fire jackal, this big demon seems to be two, but in fact it is the same big demon, which can integrate with each other. Therefore, at this time, Li Wang\’s body not only does not reject at all, but even has the power of two big demons! The power of water fire flows in his body. He only feels that his whole body is full of strength. He can\’t help roaring and roaring, and the water fire collides with each other, which turns into a huge power explosion Li Wang broke open. After a meal in nine flowing pools, the water ropes involved in Li Wang\’s body broke one after another. Several women close to him were shocked by feedback, spitting blood at their mouth and their little faces were listless. Li Wang broke free again! Half water, half fire, half man, half beast, Li Wang suspended above the pool. Sen Leng\’s eyes swept below and roared up to the sky. Suddenly, two streamers burst out of his body and melted When you look carefully in your hand, you can see that there are two long Maces. One is red and the other is blue, which also contains the power of two attributes. It is an ancient xuanbing that Li Wang got together when he got the water fire jackal. This xuanbing can match with Li Wang, who is also a beast, and give full play to the power of the water fire jackal. When the long mace is in hand, Li Wang rushes forward again, and the two long maces are instantly destroyed Smash. Roar! Two powerful forces, one fire and one water, roared. When they touched the water flow above the pool, they suddenly contacted. Water and fire were incompatible. The touch of the two repulsive forces caused a very strong explosion. The roar of water and fire explosion slowed down the flow of the nine pools below, and a force directly penetrated the shelter above the pool and directly penetrated into the nine of the water moon array One of the small arrays, the women in the array cried out and were directly shaken out by this force. One of the nine small arrays fell immediately. Grandma sun looked worried and rushed out: \”you continue to form the array and unite in one place. Don\’t give them a chance to rush in!\” The formation of many women under him changed again. The injured but not dead women joined the other small formations. The eight pools moved and became more closely connected. At this time, Li Wang broke an array with strength. When she wanted to move again, grandma sun rushed to him and shouted, \”let me deal with you!\” Mother-in-law sun lifted her right hand and found a snake head crutch in her hand. The crutch was blue and glittering. Once it appeared, it attracted moisture from all around, making the moisture contained on the crutch more powerful. The crutch in her hand also came from a good origin. It was a xuanbing refined by cutting a branch from a hundred year old water pumping tree. Although it was not as good as the ancient xuanbing in terms of quality, it can be drawn Shuimu is a special treasure. It can transform water vapor into its own strength by itself. It is the best thing for grandma sun, who controls the mysterious Qi of water attribute. The crutch is in her hand, and the water vapor flows all over her body. She holds it with both hands and smashes it. The long mace in Li Wang\’s hand sweeps away. Bang! Li Wang\’s body trembles. When the crutch hits, the water vapor is like a bomb, and the power is strong The amount was amazing. He couldn\’t stop him when he was caught off guard. He was pulled out by a crutch. When grandma sun hit her hand, she stood up again, and the snake head crutch in her hand turned into thousands of water shadows. With a wave, it was as if countless crutches were falling at the same time in the world. Bang, bang, bang, a series of crutches hit, each with great strength. Even if Li Wang had a water and fire mace in his hand, he could be in the first place She was hit and blindfolded when she hit him, so that she was beaten passively behind and had no chance to fight at all. She reluctantly wanted to counter attack several times, and the water fire long mace was directly pulled away before it was fully raised. After more than 100 staff shadows were smashed horizontally, grandma sun held the snake head crutch in both hands and raised it to the position where Li Wang was.

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