Is anyone there?

After saying that, the whole person sped out like an arrow and stayed away from here. Far from killing Fang Yang, the xuanjie and his party also hurt themselves very badly, which made Zheng Ninghai feel unlucky. If there was no accident, his injury would not recover until he had been in retreat for at least three years and five years. The matter of killing Fang Yang just thought of Fang Yang\’s sword, he was gone What do you think? There are a lot of martial artists on the plain in twos and threes. At first, there were more than a thousand martial artists who broke into the xuanjie, but now there are only a few hundred left on the plain. Most of them still failed to enter behind the stone tablet. Occasionally, those who entered the stone tablet and didn\’t die were honest and hid on the mountain road without danger. As for climbing the mountain None of the people at the top survived except Fang Yang and Meng Qianxue who subdued the cave. \”I didn\’t see Teng shuize and Wang Hu.\” Wang Chuwen said with a smile, \”it seems that this cave was indeed accepted by them.\” Zhou Ying said coldly: \”there is no righteousness, and the scattered martial artists in the empty and dark world are missing. Can we subdue them together?\” \”Is it interesting for the Deputy master to compete everywhere? Maybe they will move in the cave.\” Wang Chuwen said discontentedly. Zhou Yingtian turned his lips and refused to comment. Chen Jiuyin frowned slightly and looked into the air. The previous mountain disappeared, and a Castle Peak palace appeared in the air. The castle peak was full of treasure light and countless borders, which was the original appearance of the ancient cave. The castle peak was as straight as a sword and stood under the sky with great momentum \”It is indeed a good cave.\” Chen Jiuyin\’s eyes are burning. This ancient cave has a great attraction for him, a martial artist in the early Yang state. After waiting for a long time, there is no shadow in the cave, which makes Chen Jiuyin impatient. If it is really gained by people in Hunyuan mansion, he should come out quickly and worship him. There has been no shadow for so long. Is there any other change? Think At this point, Chen Jiuyin couldn\’t bear it and shouted, \”who refined the cave and didn\’t show up quickly! Where are Teng shuize and others?\” as his voice sounded, a young man\’s voice echoed brightly in the cave suspended in the air. \”I\’m afraid I\’m going to disappoint master Chen. It\’s not anyone in your Hunyuan mansion who refines the cave.\” hearing this really strange voice, Chen Jiuyin\’s face sank. Wang Chuwen shouted, \”what boy, don\’t show up quickly! How are the people in Hunyuan mansion? Call Teng shuize out!\”

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