Accountant Hao, it\’s my fault that I didn\’t say hello when I went out. But I didn\’t take you seriously.

Meng Qianxue was uncomfortable when he looked at her. He looked subconsciously, and then a red cloud quickly appeared on her beautiful white face. He kicked Fang Yang in the face, quickly stepped back and pulled the quilt in front of him. \”You, you are so shameless! Obscene! Licentious thief! I want you to die, I must die you!\” bursts of angry roars and Meng Qianxue\’s fierce posture. It turned out that Fang Yang had completely taken off her upper body when she gave Meng Qianxue a needle. After waking up, she didn\’t put it on. Just when Meng Qianxue rushed over, it was clear that she was naked. Therefore, Fang Yang showed her some things that should be seen or not. Fang Yang turned a deaf ear to the scolding. His cheeks were hot and whispered, \”it\’s really not small\” \”what are you talking about!!\” \”cough.\” Fang Yang pretended to be calm, struggled to sit up and tried to comfort: \”In fact, it\’s nothing. Anyway, I\’ve seen your memory. I don\’t know where your body is. Don\’t say it\’s now. I\’m tired of seeing it when you haven\’t developed before.\” the more he said, the lower his voice was, Fang Yang could clearly feel Meng Qianxue\’s ruthless killing intention. \”Trouble\” Fang Yang has a headache. After seeing Meng Qianxue\’s memory, he knows her temperament very well. Meng Qianxue is jealous of evil and resolute. I\’m afraid he can\’t give up. At this time, a cry came from outside. \”Xueer, are you awake? What\’s the matter?\” It was Meng Xiong who couldn\’t help asking. When there were bursts of noise in the carriage, Meng Xiong had already noticed it. But he was afraid that Fang Yang was making a diagnosis and treatment and didn\’t dare to disturb it. Seeing that it was quiet inside, he hurried to ask. Meng Qianxue put on his clothes, heard his father\’s words, suddenly sat up and was about to speak. Fang Yang\’s strength over there had recovered 8、 He rushed over and covered Meng Qianxue\’s mouth. \”Well, what are you doing?\” Meng Qianxue struggled for a while, but Fang Yang\’s strength was much stronger and pressed her down. \”Don\’t talk!\” Fang Yang whispered. His head was as big as a fight. He didn\’t expect this to happen in knowing the sea. If Meng Qianxue had been cured, Meng Xiong would have been relieved and might have been able to let him live. But once Meng Xiong knew that he was light, although not light, his daughter\’s words. According to Meng Xiong\’s love for Meng Qianxue, it is estimated that Fang Yang can\’t even die quickly. \”Who the hell are you!\” Meng Qianxue asked stiffly. \”The one who saved you.\” Fang Yang was not angry. Meng Qianxue\’s eyes looked at Fang Yang carefully for a while, and then showed a sneer: \”it seems that you are not the one invited by my father.\”

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