Looking up, a young woman in a formal dress came in.

\”I asked Huolan to put two kinds of drugs in the water, one is poison, and the other is the inner pill of a fire demon!\” Wu fan sneered. Listening to Wu fan\’s words, Duan yuan was still confused. \”The inner alchemy of that monster with fire attribute has long been used by the fire orchid and is still in the river near your city Lord\’s house, so the river near your city Lord\’s house actually has some changes in temperature in the past month, but the change will not be too great, and some servants take water. Naturally, they will not pay keen attention to these, but the fire attribute has been diluted in the river for a long time As long as my medicine is contaminated with the ignition attribute, the energy will rise into a kind of fog. Once this fog is inhaled, as long as its strength is lower than the friars below the empty and dark realm, all the mysterious Qi will be shackled within three days. You can\’t use a little mysterious Qi. Moreover, this poison will not be found even when you exercise power. It will only be felt when you need to use the mysterious Qi to fight with people \”Come!\” Wu Fan said with a cold smile. \”Wu fan is easy to calculate. If the next class of poisons, it\’s not easy to start without saying, and it\’s easier to detect, but on the contrary, the air is different. Ordinary people don\’t care much even if they smell anything different in the air.\” Fang Yang said secretly in his heart. \”Suck!\” Just when Fang Yang\’s mind turned, Duan yuan and others seemed to be relieved from the shock and took a breath of cold air one after another. Wu fan\’s blood is enough. According to his words, any friar whose strength is lower than that of the empty and dark world can be affected, even in the later stage of concentration. I\’m afraid this medicine will be invaluable in the Longyuan dynasty! \”Why don\’t you poison us directly, but choose this method to limit our power?\” Duan yuan continued to ask. Listening to this, Wu fan glanced at Duan yuan as if he were an idiot: \”is it so easy to find a prescription that can poison friars in the period of concentration? This prescription alone will exhaust 70% of my family wealth!\” After that, Wu fan shook his body: \”well, Duan yuan, don\’t procrastinate. Today I tell you that neither you nor the people in Huoyu county can leave! I\’ve made full preparations for this day. You\’d better tell me directly. Don\’t force me to search the house, otherwise, I\’ll protect your city master\’s house!\” When he spoke, Wu fan\’s voice was awe inspiring! \”Why didn\’t Wu fan do it? According to his nature, he shouldn\’t be the one who talked so much with Duan yuan, and he\’s not afraid of the people in Huoyu County running away secretly. The city master\’s mansion is so big, and they are still so deadlocked. What does that mean?\” Fang Yang said softly, frowning on the roof. \”Wu fan, don\’t speak so nice. You speak as if you are so kind. Do you think I don\’t understand the most notorious person on the dragon and snake list in Huoyu county?\” Duan yuan whispered with a cold smile: \”you want to plot against me after solving the people in Huoyu County, right?\” Wu fan\’s face changed in an instant, but he recovered in just a moment. \”Ha ha, Lord Duan is worthy of being the Lord of the city, not so stupid.\” Wu fan laughed, but the laughter hasn\’t fallen yet. Wu fan Leng shouted: \”Do it! Kill everyone, leave Duan yuan, and tell the people who set up the border to pay attention to me. If anything happens, send a message to me with the lingxun stone immediately. If the people in Huoyu County run away, I\’ll let their whole family bury with them!\” \”yes!\” Wu fan\’s voice fell, and there was a neat and uniform response in the audience. After the sound fell, just for a moment, a murderous spirit filled out from the bodies of these people present. Each of these people seemed to have hundreds of lives. At this time, everyone was murderous and frightening. \”Keep Duan yuan?\” Fang Yang was even more puzzled when he raised his eyebrows. He didn\’t understand what Wu fan was going to do. However, Wu fan\’s words just solved Fang Yang\’s other doubts. It turned out that there were people outside the city master\’s house who used the border to block the City Master\’s house. Once someone wanted to run out of the city master\’s house, he would feel it at the first time. \”Boom!\” Fang Yang\’s voice just fell. The next second, a fine light flashed through Fang Yang\’s double pupils. I don\’t know how, a strong sense of danger rose from Fang Yang\’s heart. When I looked up, Fang Yang\’s double pupils shrank.

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