But it\’s up to you to live here. In addition to locking the house, you can use other side houses at will.

Li Zhiyu took a look at Han Xing. Although he was uncomfortable that Han Xing didn\’t tell his father\’s whereabouts, he was relieved to think that he had been outside for so many years and had tasted the intrigues of the world. It\’s also a good thing to have such a defensive heart. \”Well, that\’s good. If you have a chance, say hello to your father for me. If his body allows, you can also come to Xuantian sect to find me. I\’m in the sect most of the time. If you need Uncle Li\’s help, you can say it directly. As long as uncle Li can do his best, don\’t refuse. Also, which two elixirs do you lack? See if I can help you ? \”Li Zhiyu asked again. \”We are short of seaweed and purple coral.\” Jian Xi said the names of the two drugs. It would be best if we didn\’t have to go to sea. \”Seaweed?\” Li Zhiyu was stunned when he heard the name, because he had never heard of it. \”By the way, any pill that can make the possessed body recover.\” Li Zhiyu calmed down now and remembered that it was against common sense. \”Master, it\’s an ancient prescription, called \’heaven returning pill\’, which is specially used to become possessed by fire, or the elixir field is abandoned, which can\’t be cultivated the day after tomorrow,\” Jian Xi explained. \”Is there such an anti heaven pill in the world? Even after the elixir field is abandoned, it can be recovered?\” Li Zhiyu was really shocked by the little disciple. \”Well, yes! The wisdom of the ancients is beyond our reach now. It is really an ancient Dan square that can reshape the Dan field and restore the body after being possessed by the devil. It is only level 9. With my current ability, I can\’t refine it. If I can\’t advance to level 9 Dan master after I find all the materials, I will ask the master to help me.\” Jane replied frankly. In front of Li Zhiyu, she doesn\’t mind revealing that she has gudanfang. \”This seaweed is also a lost deep-sea spirit grass. Few people in Dan master now know or know this spirit grass. Master Dan hasn\’t heard of it. It\’s normal,\” Jane Xi continued. Chapter 643 working together Yesterday afternoon, in front of the shopping mall very close to youYou\’s home, a newly married nurse was robbed a few days ago and died with several knives. There were countless photographers at the scene, but none of them was sent to the hospital. Human feelings were indifferent. What\’s the matter with people now? Youyou feels very uncomfortable and sometimes thinks, if I were on site, would I help??? If you were there, would you stand by?? After listening to Jian Xi\’s explanation, Li Zhiyu nodded. He was not an alchemist. He didn\’t know these were normal. After pondering for a while, he said again: \”Xi\’er, I didn\’t expect you to know Han Xing. This is also fate. You two have a chaotic spiritual root and a Hunyuan spiritual root. These two spiritual roots are the strongest spiritual roots in the world and the most suitable spiritual roots in the world. You two become husband and wife, which is also the first strange fate in heaven and earth. It will also bring endless benefits to your future cultivation. Everything is God\’s will! Be good! Be a teacher Waiting for your wedding wine \” Li Zhiyu was really happy. Although he didn\’t marry the woman who made him remember his life, his apprentice married her son. It was excellent The handsome face of Han Xing was slightly red. He glanced at Jian Xi secretly. He saw her pink face, crimson and drooping her head. She was so shy that even her ears and neck were pink. Li Zhiyu couldn\’t see their little * * and was even more happy. However, after a while, he remembered that he had been looking for disciples and had serious business. Just when he wanted to speak, he saw a Chuan note flying in front of him. He gently took the Chuan note. After being urged by his spiritual power, a clear voice came from the Chuan note: \”Zhiyu, please open the prohibition. Brother Wei wants to come in\”. This is the voice of the patriarch Long Yun. Of course, Li Zhiyu opened the ban without saying a word. Long Yun\’s massive body appeared in front of the three people in an instant, and naturally sat on the futon that Li Zhiyu had put on. Even Jian Xi and Han Xing didn\’t get up to see the ceremony. \”Well, well, you don\’t have to get up or be polite. Sit down and sit down. Let\’s sit down and talk.\” Long Yun\’s approachable attitude made Jane a little unable to touch the north. I don\’t know when the patriarch was so easy to talk. She looked at the master suspiciously. The master just smiled with a good temper and said, \”Lord, since you\’re here, I\’ll introduce you. You\’re familiar with my disciple. The young man around him is the eldest son of my good friend Qi Jie Xunyuan, Qi Jie Xinxing, and also my disciple\’s future husband. How\’s it going? Isn\’t it good?\” Li Zhiyu\’s ostentatious meaning is too obvious.

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