After dinner, Yang Jun called Li Siyu into the house and asked the two children to help Li Sinong wash the dishes.

Chapter 544 about Yuwen Yanying (I) The team of Jian Xi and his party has grown very strong now. There are four members of Jian Xi, Jian Nan, Moyun, Yu Shanshan, Xinyu, four members of Jian Xinyan, two members of Shao Yanyong, Tong Tong, Zhao Xiaohan, Guo Xia and Yu xiaopang. After checking, Jian Xi has reached a total of 18 people, but her cloud is still big enough to hold, It didn\’t look very crowded. After a month\’s long journey, they are both transmitting arrays and flying spirit tools. They are constantly on their way and sleep at night. There are no major changes. During this period, they encounter some monsters or demon repair obstacles, but they are not high-level and have no impact on everyone. They encounter some rare or rare species that are not on the star, Jane Xi is still happy to collect. Along the way, we didn\’t always get along in harmony, such as Yu wenyanying and Yu Shanshan. Although Xinyu mostly had a verbal battle with Yu Shanshan, although Xinyu thought he was so naive, he still couldn\’t control himself every time and couldn\’t help provoking her. Yu Shanshan\’s original straightforward character didn\’t allow her to say nothing. Although the two people quarreled with each other, But they didn\’t hurt people too much. So everyone just heard it and laughed. No one would take it seriously, but only Yuwen Yanying. Based on his understanding of Xinyu, Xinyu\’s behavior is really abnormal. In the past, when he was in the door, he was always cold and tended to be colder and colder, but Xin Yu\’s smile these days can\’t be compared with that in recent years. She doesn\’t know such a new Yu. She has some doubts. Is this the talented disciple in their ice cold palace who is famous for his ice cold? It is said that he has been practicing for about ten years, but it took him five years from building the foundation to today\’s cultivation. He said that his hometown had little aura. Just let him practice very slowly. Now there is such a practice environment and all kinds of opportunities. It seems normal to be fast. As for myself, the training time is twice as long as that of Xin Yu, but now the cultivation achievement is much worse than that of him. At first, I was just curious about him. She didn\’t think much of it. She even let him drink and scold because she stuck to him tightly once. On her impulse, she said a series of insulting words. At that time, her face was so angry that she didn\’t do it because of her identity. At that time, she saw his clenched fist and the green veins on the back of her hand, and she already understood that her words were too much. However, her pride made her refuse to bow her head and admit her mistake. She also looked down on him with a high attitude. He didn\’t speak. His red eyes just took a deep look at Yuwen Yanying, and then turned and left. From that day on, Xinyu worked harder to practice. Later, he frantically accepted the task in the door. I don\’t know how many times he came back, his body was scarred. Yuwen Yanying had a little regret for his original impulse at that time. But Xinyu refused to bow his head. Of course, when Xinyu saw her. Like a stranger, I won\’t give her one more look. Yuwen Yanying is very uncomfortable, so he looks embarrassed every time he comes back. He would say sarcasm, but what he got back was a cold, almost emotionless glance, and then he continued to ignore it. This makes her very depressed and annoyed, so she will always appear where he can appear, just like a shadow. Every time she sees his angry eyebrows jumping, she will have a sense of satisfaction, so she will enjoy it. As a result, Cang Xinyu either took the task to go out or practiced in seclusion. His cultivation improved faster, approached her quickly, and caught up with her. The leader of Yuwen palace praised him more, and his resources tilted more towards him. Yuwen Yanying also became increasingly anxious because of Cang Xinyu\’s cold treatment. Miss Jiao, who was not very good tempered, was hiding in the door. She flashed unhappily. It was likely that she would be the next one to be scolded by him. There were only a few flattering people around Yuwen Yanying. She was so angry that she was going crazy. However, once, after she was almost killed because she asked someone to beat a fellow junior sister, Yuwen palace leader slapped her in the face and never scolded her. Then he ordered her to shut up for a year and not to come out. So she closed her door for a whole year, so she entered the yuan infant period. After leaving the customs, she didn\’t make much publicity, but her eyes were much deeper. The result of one year\’s closing also made her understand that she should like Cang Xinyu. Otherwise, she couldn\’t see the little younger martial sister say more words with Cang Xinyu, She almost lost her life. She was jealous of the little younger martial sister because Cang Xinyu didn\’t say a word to her. After a year of isolation, she also changed her strategy after understanding her mind and began to take the initiative to find Cang Xinyu. She also apologized to him with great guilt. Therefore, she went to her father to cry and said her thoughts without hiding at all. The leader of Yuwen palace was very surprised because his daughter fell in love with Xinyu. He liked Cang Xinyu, a genius. Yes, he was talented and willing to work hard. He was able to improve his accomplishments so quickly in such a short time. He was one of the few children in the whole low-level continent. Moreover, the child\’s character is very good. He is not a frivolous disciple. He is very calm and reasonable. If his daughter finds such a double cultivation partner, she is still good and satisfied. Seeing his daughter\’s sincere repentance, his heart softened and comforted his crying daughter When the leader of Yuwen palace called Xinyu alone and expressed his daughter\’s feelings to him in an obscure way, how could Xinyu be so smart that he couldn\’t hear the truth. When he was soft in Yuwen Yanying, he had forgiven her because he was also a fellow disciple and the daughter of the palace leader, but if he liked her, he couldn\’t like her. And the identity conversion from enemy to lover is too fast, isn\’t it? Xinyu is not a man of that level anyway, so it\’s a big concession to think that he can promise her to treat her like an ordinary family. How can he accept such feelings. So Xinyu also euphemistically expressed his mind. What do you have no plans in this regard for the time being, or have no other feelings about Yuwen Yanying! Balabala

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