Li Siyu made up his mind to make the old lady popular and spicy in the future!

Really? \”Really\” Jane Xi looked at Ruan Tiancheng in disbelief. His eyes were clear and pathetic. She couldn\’t bear to think about it. After thinking about it, she took up the bowl and began to feed Ruan Tiancheng. Chapter 453 did you refine it? Although the spirit vegetable and rice also contain aura, such aura plays a role for friars like them, but it is not big. Therefore, ordinary friars will also feel that eating is actually a waste of time. Therefore, few friars like eating after they can open the valley. Of course, Jane Xi is an alternative. She can\’t change the habit formed on the earth for a while. In fact, she doesn\’t really want to change it. In this way, Jane Xi fed one spoonful and Ruan Tiancheng ate one mouthful at a time. Neither of them spoke. Ruan Tiancheng has never had such an experience. He feels that such a day is best to continue. He likes such an atmosphere. Ruan Tiancheng is enjoying this rare warmth here, but Jian Xi is struggling with how to say her plan. After a bowl of rice was fed, Jian Xi asked Ruan Tiancheng if he wanted more. Ruan Tiancheng shook his head and refused. \”Jane Xi, you haven\’t eaten yet, you eat, I\’m ready.\” Ruan Tiancheng thought that the meal was just cooked. After feeding himself, Jane Xi must have not eaten yet. \”Yes! Then you eat, I eat,\” Jian Xi poured another glass of water for Ruan Tiancheng. After drinking it, she moved the small table to her face, took out a new bowl for herself, filled a bowl of rice, and began to eat. There was no taboo. Her movements are light and elegant, and she looks good to eat. Ruan Tiancheng looked at the girl quietly and looked at the rest of the meal she had just eaten. She couldn\’t help thinking that in fact, couples in the world were also very good. Although the longevity yuan was short, the kind of mutual help between husband and wife was really something that monks couldn\’t enjoy. Jian Xi didn\’t know that Ruan Tiancheng\’s idea had spread to such a degree, but she was still thinking about how to open the mouth for a while. A dust cleaning formula, cleaned up the dishes and chopsticks, which is the best and most convenient place for friar Jianxi. Don\’t bother washing. Putting away the tableware, Jane Xicai crossed her knees and faced Ruan Tiancheng, and fed him a five grade healing pill with three circles of pills. After coughing twice, he solemnly said to the man who was always ready to listen to him: \”Ruan Tiancheng. Well, look at your wound. It\’s very serious, and I have to go out to collect medicine for a few days, so I can\’t accompany you here all the time. Well, there\’s a cave behind the mountain wall. I\’ll settle you in that cave first. This cave has array guard, but it\’s level 5, but when I leave, I can upgrade it to level 6. Don\’t worry, no one will find it At least, no one will find it in this secret place. You can rest assured here. When I come back in a few days, let\’s go back. Don\’t worry. I\’ll bring out your spiritual plant. You don\’t have to be afraid that there will be no spiritual plant at that time. \”. In fact, Jane Xi thinks she\’s arranged very well. How comprehensive. \”You want to go?\” Ruan Tiancheng raised his eyebrows. \”I\’m not leaving, but I\’m just going out for a few days. I\’ll be back in a few days. After all, we still have time to go back. Do you think so? I\’ll give you the jade amulet for going in and out of the array. If I return at that time, your injury should be almost fine at that time, so you can go out of the secret place by yourself.\” Jane Xi is really afraid of something good or bad. Ruan Tiancheng, who couldn\’t get out of the battle, suffocated here. \”You\’re not safe yourself. Now this secret place is in chaos. People from the magic door have penetrated into it.\” Ruan Tiancheng said in a deep voice. He didn\’t want Jane Xidu to take risks by himself. But my body can\’t accompany her. \”It\’s all right. Haven\’t you seen that I\’ve been safe for so long?\” Jane Xi said indifferently. \”But you are a person after all. If there are few spiritual plants, the sect and guild will not treat us well. Wait for me here. After my injury is healed, let\’s go back together. There will be some harvest along the way. In addition, many people will take care of us.\” Ruan Tiancheng was still worried.

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