Sister Siyu, why don\’t you find brother Chaoyue? He\’s been home for many days.

Just then, the seven year old \”San bao\’er\” of the third uncle\’s family threw himself on him and shouted, \”brother, look at the big boat I\’ve put together.\”‘ Sanbao\’er is the child of the third uncle\’s family. The child inherited all the advantages of his parents. He looks cute and cute. Xinyu likes him very much. Now it is also this considerate brother who saved his field and escaped from the siege of these women. Xinyu was not used to such an atmosphere and felt very tired, but he insisted. He didn\’t leave grandma Xinyu\’s house until he ate dumplings in the middle of the night. The guests and relatives at home also returned to their homes. After Xinyu and cangjun\’s family left grandma Xinyu\’s house, Guan Fei finally said, \”Xinyu, it\’s late at night now. You\’ve moved to H city. You don\’t have a place to go. Why don\’t you go to my house?\” \”No, my car is over there. I drive back to H City, and my grandparents are waiting for me to go back.\” Xinyu refused. Anyway, without yuan\’s father, Yuan\’s mother and Jian Xi\’s city, there would be no feeling of home. Here is a guest, and the \”Fairy Garden in the garden\” in H city is his own home. He took the car out of his storage bag and put it in the community in order to cover it up. \”Xinyu – why don\’t you leave tomorrow and stay at your father\’s house tonight?\” Cang Jun\’s eyes were very complicated. \”Since when have you been at home with your son?\” \”Brother, come to our house! I want to sleep with you.\” Cang Xinheng, who is in Cang Jun\’s arms, has woken up. It\’s very cute. Guan Fei is used to some of his arrogant temper. In fact, the essence of any child is a clean white paper. It depends on how you draw it. \”My brother won\’t go, but I think we\’ll meet again soon. How about my brother preparing the best gift for you?\” Xinyu teased xiaocang Xinheng. A trace of blood relationship made him see that his brother had a close relationship. This night, he and Sanbao were most attached to him. When Sanbao left just now, he cried and had to play with Xinyu. Xin Yu smiled bitterly at the corners of his lips. He was twenty years old and made two little ones reluctant to part with him. Alas! Really Without accepting the request of the three, Xinyu opened a new luxury off-road. After starting, he said goodbye and left. Even if Guan Fei didn\’t understand, he knew that the car was not worth bandits and how it was worth millions. He couldn\’t help being more curious about Xinyu\’s current life. At the same time, he was glad to marry cangjun. Otherwise, how could he have the current house and car? Cang Jun sadly hugged Cang Xinheng and got on his car. Guan Fei also got on the car. After closing the door, Guan Fei took the child and looked at Cang Jun who was silent. He didn\’t understand what was going on in his heart? She wants to keep up with her husband anyway, because he still has a promising son. As long as his son is promising, he will not forget their family. Can he be worse in the future? Therefore, she just comforted cangjun softly, and the family disappeared. After a wish was fulfilled, Xinyu drove out of the city. When he arrived at a no man\’s land, he stopped the car, put the car away, summoned a flying sword and stepped on it. The whole person immediately rose into the sky and disappeared. In about half an hour, Xinyu landed on the beach of \”Xianyuan in the garden\”, but it was a busy time here. Here, the New Year bell rang and just entered 2017. Xinyu felt that he came back in time, thanks to the advance of the time for dumplings at his grandparents\’ house. Everyone gathered on the beach. Most of us are people of cultivation and are not afraid of the cold wind. The elderly and ordinary people are also energetic under the nourishment of elixir, spiritual spring and aura. As long as I wear some clothes, I can feel comfortable. On the beach, the lights shine as bright as day. There are tables, chairs and other things on it. Cookers are placed in the open air. Barbecue and dumplings are on the table together. Dumplings must be eaten, but the young people feel too monotonous, so they barbecue on the beach. There are a lot of bonfires nearby, which brings warmth and warm atmosphere in the cold wind. Therefore, compared with Xinyu of qicang family, it is more natural and free here.

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