Looking at the food without moving a few chopsticks, she had to take out two aluminum lunch boxes from the satchel, actually the space.

The corpses on the ground suddenly burned to nothingness. It was only a few breaths that made people react quickly. However, before the disciples of heaven and earth in the field even came and were afraid, those corpses had disappeared, but Xin Yu did not fluctuate. As always, he fought with the remaining six masters of heaven and earth and a group of disciples, But at this time, Xinyu was no longer at ease. Jian Xi could feel from his breath that he was a little tired. After all, his fighting time was not short, and he needed to rest. When Jian Xi thought of this, he was already flying into the field and sent a message to Xin Yu: \”Xin Yu, you go down to rest. There are many experts in the dark. You should keep your strength to deal with them. The disciples of the Fang family have arrived, and the two owners are arranging hands, which can be relieved immediately.\” at this point, he gave a soft drink of \”then\”. Xinyu subconsciously picked up an object flying towards him, a vertical sweep, jumped out of the battle circle, looked down at a small porcelain vase in his hand, poured out a pill and said, \”this is Shengyuan pill, supplement your consumed aura, take it quickly, and adjust your breath on the upper side. These people are from me, come on.\” Jian Xi\’s voice rang again. At this time, her people have taken over Xinyu\’s enemies. Qingyue has already held them in her hand and waved the spirit soldier in her right hand. Killing the enemy is like chopping melons and vegetables. Even the six congenital six or seven layer experts are no better than those ordinary disciples. They can support two moves at most. At the moment when their bodies fell to the ground, a small flame the size of a soybean also flew to the body, and a few breath turned into nothingness. Without exception, in addition, there were more than 100 disciples from heaven and earth, who had been killed by Jianxi in more than ten minutes, and there was nothing left. For a moment, the field was quiet, Tian Guangqing and di Yun stood dozens of meters away from each other. They were iron green, their lips trembled and their fists clenched, but they didn\’t dare to rush forward. They knew that their strength was just a joke in the little girl\’s eyes. Jane Xi cut the mess with a quick knife. At this time, she was also slightly panting. She threw an imported Shengyuan pill and recovered her aura. She should always maintain this peak state, or there would be a group of wolves behind. For a moment, the two sides faced each other like this. The venue was quiet, but there was still a faint sound of fighting not far away. At this time, in Jian Xi\’s divine knowledge, the new forces of yuan and fang had gone to their respective positions, and the yuan family in the battle also waited for reinforcements. For a moment, morale was greatly boosted, and the casualties of disciples of heaven and earth were even greater. Jian Xi\’s contemptuous eyes turned to the hill in the distance. His eyes seemed to penetrate the branches and leaves of those trees and directly shot into the eyes of the carefree guest with that arm. The carefree guest shivered as soon as he was forbidden, but was soon replaced by a sinister and angry face: \”bitch, I didn\’t expect you were still from the yuan family. You\’re not alone today, Although these people behind me are not experts, I can kill you even if I\’m tired. Other so-called reinforcements are a scum in my eyes. \”. \”I said, Tianyuan and diwenhui, it seems that your action is not going well this time! Almost all the forward players have been destroyed. One fifth of their strength has been destroyed by two people. Hey, hey – they are still two children. This action is like a child\’s play,\” provoked the carefree guest with contemptuous eyes. They knew that the carefree guest\’s words were provocative, but they couldn\’t do anything about him. They didn\’t just put his cultivation accomplishments there. They didn\’t know who cut off that arm, but their cultivation accomplishments were still too much higher than them. Even one palm could kill them, just like a fly, let alone a whole force behind him. Although there were not many people, However, all the accomplishments are terrible accomplishments, which can not be provoked by their family. Their congenital great perfection is already the top accomplishment, but there is only a medium and low-grade existence, and the medium is not enough. When they think of here, they both sigh, even the abyss that has just built the foundation Chapter 191 real confrontation However, this first action did annoy them. The first step was actually destroyed by the two teenagers. \”The disciples who planned to use this to fight in the front consumed some of the strength of yuan and Fang, at least some of their elites, but these checkpoints stopped us disciples. Although their strength is not the strongest, they are also a group of backbone forces in the family, so they are consumed here.\” Tianyuan\’s tone was gloomy. \”Yes, it\’s 500 disciples from each of our two families. How long and how much energy it takes to cultivate it! Just throw it in the yuan family, but the effect is very little.\” Di Wenhui also sighed, and his eyes were gloomy. \”I say you two don\’t say these useless things here. Now it\’s time for us to come out. The first round of attack has all ended in failure, so we can only hope on this last blow and do our best, you two -\” the joking voice of xiaoyaoke sounded again, urging them to act quickly. \”However, master, the strength of those two young people is too strong for us to deal with. Please help me.\” Di Wenhui\’s tone is a little flattering, which makes Xiaoyao feel a little proud. However, looking at the direction of Jian Xi, he still has some weakness in his heart. He needs people from these two families to help him consume some of the girl\’s strength first, Otherwise, he hasn\’t hit others when he has two arms, not to mention only one arm left, and he needs to use other tricks. Hey, hey, hey, \”don\’t worry, you attack. If those two stop, I\’ll do it,\” said the carefree guest slowly. \”Well, that\’s all right.\” they had no choice but to agree. Then they began to give orders and command the secret army behind them. They began to charge towards the yuan family again. This time, the number of lineups doubled, and most of their strength was higher than the previous part. All of them have been here for a long time. One by one, they are full of energy. The dragon and tiger fiercely plunder towards the yuan family. After taking a Shengyuan pill, Jane Xi felt the heat flow in her body, and then flew to the elders and supreme elders of the two Heaven and earth. The two old men worked together and only supported a few rounds, so they were buried under Jane Xi\’s green moon. Then they disappeared and disappeared, and there was no blood on the green moon. Without the input of aura, it is still so ordinary, just like a common weapon. Nothing. Jane Xi looked at Xinyu who seemed to be beside her and smiled and said, \”what? Now you can call the little sword in your body?\” Xinyu, who had just finished adjusting his breath, was in excellent mental state and had a fight. Let him increase a lot of combat experience, which is not available when he practices sword alone or when he practices with Jane Xi. In addition, let Jane Xi leave no body, can\’t see blood and smell blood, so he is still very happy. This is a rare opportunity to exercise. He insisted on coming to the front line of the battle regardless of the obstacles of Yuan\’s father and mother. First, this is the yuan family, his grandfather\’s root, and he has the ability to help. Second, this is an excellent opportunity to exercise himself. How can he have such an opportunity to exert himself on weekdays?

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