Li Siyu was startled by her pull, but he was relieved to see her so cautious.

However, good grades are a great joy after all. They celebrated for themselves in Yunnan and decided to have a big meal. The delicious Yunnan bridge crossing rice noodle is the food that the two people can\’t eat enough. The rice noodle here is the most authentic. The spicy fragrance stimulates their taste buds. They don\’t look thin, but they eat a lot. The owner of the small restaurant looked at the boys and girls with a smile and couldn\’t see that such a good child can eat enough (youyou: it seems that good looks have little to do with how much food you eat? The boss waved a big frying spoon and said angrily: why doesn\’t it matter? I\’ve opened this restaurant for so many years, and I\’ve seen no more guests than you have seen? What looks good is that you eat less; youyou helplessly turned his eyes and said: OK, don\’t be stubborn with you. If you continue to be stubborn, I want to go to Yunnan. I\’m so greedy , I want to eat, go!) Jane Xi didn\’t take anything with her when she went out. The bags and clothes she was wearing were bought in Kunming. Fortunately, the weather was hot and the clothes didn\’t occupy a place. The two people were carrying a backpack, which was not big. There were water, towels and so on. Other items, including the items brought out by Xin Yu and the clothes to be changed, were all collected into Jian Xi\’s ring. Both of them were wearing sun visors, sunglasses, half sleeved T-shirts, cowboy shorts and light mesh tourist shoes. They also showed some healthy colors after being exposed to the sun for a long time. Jian Xi was a girl and paid great attention to sunscreen, Xinyu, a boy, doesn\’t like to wipe these things. However, since these days, he has been slightly bronzed, and the whole person looks a lot more masculine. Perhaps because of his mood, his temperament is more inclined to the sunshine boy. In addition, he is fit and tall, as if he was eighteen or nine years old. Tourists from time to time are attracted by these two people, They often look at or look back, especially some young people, or boys and girls aged 17, 89. Chapter 85 Liu\’s grandparents and grandchildren Whether they were walking in the scenic spot or on the street, from time to time, they turned around like a taxi and knocked on the door frame of the taxi; Walk back, hit a tree or other passers-by; Others just look at them. They are caught by the roadside stones at their feet. They can be found everywhere. Whenever such a situation occurs, if it is a man, Xinyu will make fun of Jian Xi. If it is a girl, Jian Xi will make fun of Xinyu, (yo yo: I said you two, listen to me. Do you treat others like sons and mothers? No big ones, no small ones; Xin Yu and Jian Xi: I said, are you envious? Jealous? Hate? We call it no generation gap. Do you understand? Do you understand? Don\’t understand? Don\’t understand. Stay while you don\’t understand. Don\’t disturb our good mood. Yo yo: hide your face and run away.) Like good friends, they traveled all over Yunnan and finally came to Ruili on the Sino gorgeous border. They had enough and only had the last item – gambling stone. When they get off at Ruili, the first thing they need to find is a hotel to wash away the dust all the way, and then go shopping and have a good time. They went all the way to a hotel that seemed not to be borrowed. After discussing with each other, they walked into the lobby. Directly opposite was the front desk. There were three girls in work clothes, all in their twenties. At this time, one of them was receiving two people, old and young, and the other two stood there and looked out. While talking, Jian Xi and Xin Yu pushed open the turnstile and entered the lobby. The two girls in overalls at the front desk lit up, \”how handsome!\”‘ It\’s so beautiful. \”It\’s a pity that I\’m a little younger.\”. \”Do you still have a room?\” when he came to the front desk, Xin Yu looked at one of them politely and asked. Seeing that no one answered, Xinyu coughed in a good temper and asked, \”do you have a room?\” \”Ah! Oh, I\’m sorry, what kind of rooms do you two want? How many?\” Xin Yu sighed and finally came back. He and Jian Xi saw too many such situations along the way. \”Single room, two rooms, this is our ID card.\” Xin Yu took the ID card handed over by Jian Xi and his own ID card and handed it to a woman who had just regained her soul. \”Oh, yes, sir. Just a moment, just a minute.\” the receptionist hurried through the check-in formalities. \”Brother Xinyu?\” a crisp voice suddenly sounded in the empty and silent hall. Xinyu and Jian Xi both looked up and looked at the source of the voice in doubt. \”Liu Yu\” said the two together. \”Why are you here?\” Xin Yu and Liu Yu asked in unison. \”Brother Xinyu, how can you appear here with her?\” Liu Yu\’s fragile voice was harsh and sharp at this time.

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