When Zhang Chaolin left, he looked at Li Siyu and followed his father out.

At the moment when the bones touched the fairy box, the supreme majesty enveloped the entire ancient temple, Yun Xianluo and others could not help but give birth to the idea of ​​worship, under this majesty, even Yun Xianluo, who was once a god emperor, I felt my soul trembling.Is this the power of immortals?Yunxian Luohuarong pales, even if it is restored to its peak period, it is difficult to resist the power of this fairy, and this is the power of the fairy, but the power of the fairy bone and the fairy box. The real fairy has far more power. Far beyond these two.Click…The fairy bones shattered, and a severe pain from the soul came, as if the soul was about to be torn, Shanghai couldn\’t help gritting his teeth.Are you really going to destroy yourself and save him? a vague voice came.Who are you?Shanghai\’s vision became blurred, and a small figure slowly emerged. It was a child, only about eight years old, and looked quite delicate and lovely, but the child\’s eyes were full of endless vicissitudes, and it was difficult to see the child at this moment. idea.I? It should be regarded as one of your previous lives. This fairy bone is yours and is connected to your soul. If it is destroyed, your soul will suffer irreparable trauma. You should not know that your body can be recovered from trauma. But the wound of the soul is difficult to recover forever. Unless you are reincarnated again, but you have been reincarnated for the ninth life, this is your last life.If your soul is not damaged, you still have a chance to recover and become the first life. If your soul is damaged, you will completely lose everything. The child said in a deep voice.Lost everything… Shanghai was shocked, holding the hand pressed down by the bones of the fairy bone, and slightly loosened.Yes, you lost everything you should have. You were a fairy, but you gave up everything for a woman. Now you can get it back, but you have to give up for a guy who has known you for hundreds of years. Is it worth it? the boy said.Shanghai was silent, and his heart was shaken at this moment.Becoming an immortal is what countless cultivators desire, but no one has been able to do it. Since ancient times, there has been only one immortal, and that is the first life of Shanghai.Let go, you still have a chance. The child continued to persuade.After hesitating for a long time, Shanghai slowly withdrew his hand, and sighed helplessly in his heart. At that moment, he thought of many, many, his relatives and friends, everything about himself, and the hidden in the depths, I don’t know the details. Terrible guy.If you really missed the chance to recover your first life, then not only yourself, but also all your relatives and friends will not be able to survive.That\’s right, letting go is your best choice. The child nodded.At this time, Shanghai raised his head, looked directly at the child, and slowly said, \”Are you the first life?\”The child did not speak, and his eyes did not change at all, but Shanghai and him are one, so he already knows the answer.

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