Wang Daya cherishes Li Siyu. From childhood to childhood, she is better than her grandson in food and clothing. I have also developed a bad habit of being delicate. I haven\’t worked in the field for so many years and have been going to school all the time.

It seems that we don’t have to do it anymore. The Divine Blood Soaking in the Sky is an ancient secret method. The Heaven’s Law is still one level short, and you can reach the extreme.” It was a child who appeared, only about five or six years old. He looked like a tiger-headed brain, but the child’s\” double pupils showed through the old monsters. The color of vicissitudes, and this person is also a quasi-divine emperor.These three were the quasi-divine emperors of the other three imperial palaces. They were ordered to come together with Emperor Wangu to capture Shanghai. Although they were both quasi-divine emperors, the power displayed by Emperor Wangu made them quite jealous. Of course, the three of them also knew Di Wangu\’s abilities a long time ago, but they were a little surprised, but they had no other feelings.Seeing that the emperor hadn\’t said a word, the three quasi-god emperors didn\’t pay any more attention, but exchanged ideas on their own, and they didn\’t need to act anyway.The two fellow Taoists think, how long can Shanghai last under the Heavenly Blood Soaking Technique? said the purple-robed woman.Up to three breaths. The white-haired old man stretched out three fingers.Two breaths are good. Although this child is an ancient demon, he has not cultivated to the extreme, and now he has the power of the eighth-bodied. You don\’t know the terrible method of soaking the heavens with the blood of gods. Once you fall into it, all realms and Power will be reflected on the blood servants, that is to say, any of those blood servants may not be as strong as him, but it will not be much worse than him. The child said.An endless stream of servants of God\’s blood… the only way is to break this method, or you will eventually be consumed inside. The purple-robed woman nodded.As people in the four great imperial palaces, they naturally know the terrifying and flaws of the Heavenly Blood Soaking Method. The frightening thing about this method is that the servants of God\’s blood are almost inexhaustible. If you want to break it, you can directly rush to the person who casts the spell, interrupt the person\’s display, and you can break it.It’s easy to say, but to rush down from so many servants of God’s blood, even the purple-robed woman and the other three can’t do this. Moreover, the sea of ​​blood is so large that God’s mind can’t find it at all, so you have to think about it. It is very difficult to find the whereabouts of Emperor Wangu.At this time!The Heavenly Blood Soaking Method was launched.The three women in purple robes cast their gazes upwards. They had just made a bet. Seeing how long Shanghai could last, it happened that the three of them had nothing to do.Suddenly, the densely packed blood servants rushed forward, without performing any magical skills, because the blood servants themselves possessed the terrifying power of attack and killing. In just a moment, Shanghai was drowned by the blood servants. .Seeing the servants of God\’s blood that kept rushing up, the three women in purple robes frowned, their expressions were a little unhappy, because the breath of Shanghai was rapidly weakening.Didn\’t you say that this child possesses the power of attacking and killing almost a quasi-divine emperor? The purple-robed woman curled her lips.It was resolved in just a moment…It\’s really boring.The three originally expected that Shanghai could bring them such a little surprise, but now it seems that this surprise is obviously gone.suddenly!The blood servants densely packed like mountain peaks trembled slightly, and then, with a loud bang, black streamers soared into the sky, smashing into the darkness, stunned the extremely thick blood, a large number of god blood servants Flew out by the shock, some were shattered on the spot, and some were shattered.

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