However, even so, the venue was quiet for a while, and no one made a bid, and there was a trace of embarrassment on the host\’s face. He also understood why no one made a bid. The heaven and earth house generally has a certain defense ability, but its defense level is not very high. In addition, its role is only limited to living, A room that is not particularly safe can only be reduced and expanded. No matter how large it is, it is just a chicken rib.

The giant Palace of Gods and Demons slowly opened. At the entrance of the gate, two Primordial Gods and Demons rushed out. Although these two people did not emit the slightest aura, Shanghai could feel the terrifying power contained in these two people. The power of the quasi-divine emperor level.Then there were many ancient gods and demons. These people were dressed in uniform costumes, and there were a total of forty-eight people, each of whom was a figure at the peak of the gods.See Young Palace Master.The two Primordial Gods and Demons at the quasi-divine emperor level took the lead to bow and salute, and then forty-eight gods and peak-level figures knelt down and bowed. Although the momentum was not big, it was extremely shocking. Such high-level figures greeted them. What a glorious thing, for the rest of the people, maybe he would have been sluggish on the spot long ago.However, after Shanghai was stunned for a while, it was back to the original state. This scene fell on Babu\’s eyes, but it surprised him. After all, he was the reincarnation of the god emperor. There are many scenes like this, and there are also god emperors in the past. There are many disciples at the quasi-divine emperor level, so it is no surprise to see the scene before him.Babu has quite a good understanding of Shanghai, and cultivated alone. Even if a character like this is promoted to a high level, his knowledge will not be improved because of the improvement of his realm. Ordinary characters have long been seen by such scenes. It was shocked, and Shanghai just froze for a while, and it was restored to its original state.Young Palace Master, the Supreme only sees you alone. The Quasi-God Emperor on the left said respectfully.Well, grandpa, you guys wait here first, Shanghai said.Well, you go, take care of yourself. Ling Zhantian nodded, and the others responded.Without saying anything, Shanghai stepped into it.hold head high!The door that opened slowly closed, and the originally dim hall gradually became brighter. A burly middle-aged man was sitting on a transparent throne, handsome in appearance, dark and deep pupils, and his expression was transparent. With ruthlessness and coldness.This person is the old immortal, but now the old immortal is getting younger and younger, except for the faint shadow of the old immortal outside the outline of the facial features, both the charm and the temperament have completely changed.coming.The old undead\’s cold and arrogant face showed a slight relief. Perhaps he would only show this expression when facing Shanghai. If he faced the rest of the people, his expression would be the same as before, without the slightest change. , Even more unfeeling.Yeah! Shanghai nodded.Ancient demon… you have actually become an ancient demon, and you have reached the level of perfect transformation, yes, I am very satisfied. The old undead praised, his voice still cold and determined.I am not dead… Shanghai said.Do you want to ask me, why do you want to massacre? Annihilate the Primordial Alliance? And let all the Primordial Gods and Demons wake up and dominate the spiritual realm?When the old undead interrupted Shanghai, he said in a deep voice: \”If I don\’t do this, how can I find what I lost? I have enough patience. Why should I look for it alone? I don\’t have time to wait any longer. So I have to do this. Can you understand? Whether you understand or not, maybe you still have compassion in your heart. It’s not to blame you, because you haven’t experienced much. When you reach a higher level, you will understand, this The cheapest thing in the world is the so-called feeling.\”

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