With a wave of Jian Xi\’s jade hand, a row of kitchen cabinets appeared on the grass out of thin air. There were all kinds of stoves on them. They took out all kinds of spiritual vegetables and fruits, as well as demon and animal meat. Xiao Siyu also helped, taking this and passing that. Although Jian Xi waved to get these things, Xiao Siyu took the initiative to do these things and was very interested, Under the picturesque and relatively safe night scene, the two brothers and sisters cooked delicious food, just like a picnic on earth. For a moment, they were happy. Their laughter echoed in the garden, relaxed and comfortable.

Even if this child is extremely talented, it is hard to say whether he will survive in the future.No matter how strong the top-ranked Huangwen master is, it won\’t be too strong. Many senior executives said one after another, some complained, some were quite dissatisfied.It’s no wonder that, at the opening of the Thousand Clan Conference in Shanghai in the past, the entire Swire Alliance was stunned. If it weren’t for Helian’s pressure, and the other two forces competing for it, these high-level officials would have already imposed sanctions on Shanghai. It\’s better now, but the anger in my heart is hard to dissipate.Coupled with the fact that Helian values ​​Shanghai so much, these people are becoming more dissatisfied, isn\’t it just a top-ranked barren pattern master? No matter how strong it is, how strong it can be.In the face of many high-level complaints, Helian did not say a word, but casually brushed it.呲…A picture emerged.It was a secret room, and in this secret room, a young man with silver hair emerged. He saw that his eyes were extremely dark, and the scarred marks on his forehead gave people an amazing sense of majesty. There are three refining fires in his hand.And among these three refining fires, three kinds of wild patterns were refined, and dense and profound patterns appeared above these three kinds of wild patterns.Top-level wild patterns…Still condensed three at once…Before condensing the nine Dao Dao, it is just a matter of luck. Do you really think that you are very capable and plan to refine the three Dao Dao at once?Quite highLayers of muttering began, some of them showed disdain, while others were full of mockery.Bang bang bang…Three barren patterns burst into pieces.Hehe, it\’s still broken.I don\’t know what I can do. Even the top-rank barren pattern master would not dare to refine three barren patterns at the same time so casually. This one-hearted three-use method consumes a lot of mind and energy. Many high-level officials showed such expressions as expected. .suddenly!When the picture changed, the three bursts of wild patterns were about to turn into fly ashes, and the silver-haired young man looked casually casually. One of the wild patterns completely burst into fly ashes, and immediately followed, bursting open. In the fly ash, the undesirable lines were pulled over and injected into two of the barren lines.

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