\”Elder, do you and this Taoist friend come to Tonghua city to visit relatives and friends, or for the Danshi conference in half a year?\” A strange voice sounded in front of Jane Xi. Jane Xi was startled by the sudden voice, turned back to her head looking to the left and back, subconsciously stepped back and looked at the master of the voice.

And in this ice crystal hall, there are six gates, each of which is different in color, from milky white to dark black. There are many rhythms interlaced above the gate, and each rhythm is like a mighty law, exuding breathtaking. momentum.now!Five of the six gates have been opened, and one has not yet been opened.It seems that you should have the Extreme Ice Emperor Pearl. A slightly hoarse voice came, and then three Primordial Peak God Kings stepped out. These three were all old men with thin stature and fast hair and beard. After the drop, it is clear that the lifespan is almost exhausted.However, these three Primordial Peak God Kings are far more terrifying than any one I have seen in Shanghai. These should be characters who have already cultivated to the extreme.Four people don\’t need to panic. I won\’t hurt you, just to confirm whether you have the Extreme Ice Emperor Orb. said another purple-robed primordial peak god king.How about holding it, what about not holding it? Qianye Kuankuan said.That\’s easy, if you hold it, take the three of us in.Three seniors, don\’t you think this is a bit difficult for a strong person? I have four people waiting. If I want to bring it, I can only bring one person at most. Qianye said.It\’s hard for a strong man? \”The Grey Robe Primordial Peak God King raised his eyebrows and said lightly: \”Killing two of them is not too difficult for a strong man.\” \”Hearing this, Qianye didn\’t say anything, but instead set his sights on Shanghai.Friend Lin, these three Primordial Peak God Kings are not the ones I have seen before. These are all old monsters who have cultivated to the extreme. If you start, you and I may not be able to deal with them with confidence. They, in my opinion, might as well let you two confidantes wait here for the time being? Qianye said slowly.Impossible, they have to follow me. Shanghai refused on the spot.Leaving Bi Yuelan and Mu Ningxue here is tantamount to putting them in a dangerous situation. Who knows if there are any figures similar to these three Primordial Peak God Kings nearby. If it is not good for the two daughters of Bi Yuelan, It is too late to regret by then.and!Qi Ling said that to leave this place, one must enter the central palace.Friend Lin, these three Primordial Peak God Kings are not easy to deal with… Qianye reminded.I\’ll contain them for a moment. Shanghai said.Since Fellow Daoist Lin said so, Qianye won\’t say anything anymore. If there is any accident, Fellow Lin Daoist can only bear it by himself. Qianye said.

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