However, Jane Xi didn\’t pay attention to all this. She just stared at the young looking golden friar in front of her.

It’s still more than a hundred years. In my opinion, it is estimated that it will be at most sixty or seventy years. If he doesn’t do anything in these years, he can continue to live, but if he does it, let alone sixty to seventy years, I’m afraid he can live Ten years have passed. It\’s already pretty good. The Six Profound God Venerable glanced at Leng Yihang, who didn\’t say a word.Why is Big Brother Leng\’s Shouyuan so low? Could it be related to the inheritance of Desperate God? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.Yes, it is related to the inheritance of the goddess of destruction. If he cultivates the inheritance of the goddess of extinction, he will not lose too much lifespan, but what he cultivates is the inheritance of the goddess of destruction. Liuxuanshen Zun paused when he said this.Incomplete inheritance?The two of Liao Baishu\’s discoloration changed slightly. They lived a lot of age, and their experience was naturally extraordinary. Of course, they also knew the disadvantages of the incomplete inheritance. Not only was it difficult to maximize the power, but it even brought some terrible things. side effect.The inheritance of Mie Shen originated from the immemorial times. It is said that a certain talented person spent millions of years to come to an epiphany. No one knows what his real name is. Ancient books record that this person is called Mie Shen. This inheritance When it came out, Mie Shen died, and later the inheritance passed down.The Six Profound Gods said: \”This inheritance is extremely extreme. It can gain power beyond the same realm in a short time, and even condense the incomparably terrifying attack and killing power, even if it kills the higher realm within one move. It\’s not difficult.\”Hearing this, everyone took a breath.It’s almost too hard to imagine killing a person at a higher realm. It’s not surprising if it is done at a lower realm, and as the realm gets higher and higher, except for those with supernatural talents and powerful inheritors, the same The gap in realm will continue to shrink.Like the Six Profound Gods, at the peak of the gods, they are sure to kill the peak of the gods at the same level, but it may not be necessary if they reach the level of the gods. No matter how strong it is, it may not be able to kill the opponent.after all!Those who can reach this level are all those who are extremely talented. Such a person can\’t reach this level without sufficient abilities.Because of the extreme, the price paid is also very high, and every shot will drop more than one realm… Six Profound God Venerable said.Falling above a realm…Everyone changed slightly. Originally, they were quite envious of Liao Baishu, who was inherited by Leng Yihang\’s Destroying God, and he couldn\’t help but shook his head slightly. When the situation is right, it may be a big help, but in normal times, it is of little use.Special cases……Many cultivators may not be able to meet in their entire lives. People like Liao Baishu and others encountered such unmatched situations only when they were in Taitian God City. In the rest of the time, they rarely fight. After all, after reaching their level , Very few people will embarrass them, unless it is the enemy of life and death, otherwise who will have nothing to eat and go to the death fight?If you just fall to the realm, it’s nothing. And if you use this inheritance of the God of Destruction, you will also consume your own life, which is equivalent to burning the realm and life. So, this inheritance of the God of Destruction is killing a thousand enemies. A terrible inheritance that damages eight hundred. If it is a complete inheritance, it would be okay, the loss of life will not be too much, but it is a pity that what he cultivates is the incomplete inheritance of the gods, so that the destiny is extremely depleted. Liuxuan Shenzun said.Senior, is there a way to solve it? Can the life-sustaining thing restore Brother Leng\’s life? Shanghai asked hurriedly.The so-called life element restoration means that the origin of life has not been wasted. The origin of his life has been ruined by the inheritance of the gods. It is useless even if he finds life-renewing objects. It will only make him live for three or four years at most. It must be an extremely rare life-renewing thing. Six Profound God Venerable shook his head.

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