A jade box was received by her in her tray, and so were others. For a long time, all talents were in place, and the spiritual herbs of their choice were placed in the tray around her.

This black shadow was lifted up, and a simple axe emerged. This axe was made of bronze with endless water patterns on the top. The moment the axe appeared, the sky seemed to be cut open. , The endless black cloud turned into two halves.The axe contained the majesty of opening up the world, and it was cut down from the sky. It was only three feet long, but it fell into the eyes of everyone, as if it encompassed the entire world.The mere momentum of the slashing was extremely shocking.Shanghai, located in the rhythm of Liuxuan Yin, immediately felt a strong sense of crisis, and quickly took out a large number of divine fruits thrown by the little beast, and kept stuffing it in his mouth, while desperately running the ancient magic regeneration. It\’s fateful.The Primordial Artifact…The white-bearded old man and the black-robed old woman suddenly changed their colors. The two black shadows who were entangled also felt the horror of the bronze giant axe and quickly withdrew, but they were still a step slower, and the giant axe also enveloped the two black shadows. In it.Although they were not beheaded in the front, the two black shadows were still shocked to vomit blood and fly out. Even the white-bearded old man and the black-robed old woman could not escape their fate. The defensive power enveloped them was directly shattered and their bodies were shattered. Almost broken, the blood of the god king ran down the corners of his mouth, apparently severely injured.This is true of the four god king peak figures, not to mention the frenzied old man located in the center of the Primordial Artifact. Facing this cut, he took two steps in succession.The last two of the three methods of purgatory divine sound have turned into a blood-colored giant piano.boom……The bronze giant axe slashed on the scarlet giant piano, and with a click, the scarlet giant piano broke from it, and the frantic old man at the back couldn\’t help spouting a big mouthful of blood.Bang!The Liuxuanyin law burst, Shanghai\’s body quickly shattered, and he felt the speed of the body\’s shattering. He desperately ran the ancient magic regeneration to maintain his body, but the power of the ancient imperial artifacts was too terrifying, just exuding. The remaining power that came out was enough to kill him.It\’s over…Shanghai is desperate. The rebirth of the ancient demon has been urged to the extreme, but it can be recovered but cannot keep up with the broken body. At most one breath, the body will completely turn into fly ashes.Just at the moment, hum…the Thunder God Spear in the body suddenly glowed with an astonishing force, suppressing the prestige of the ancient imperial artifacts that invaded the body by 90%. Although there is still 10%, Shanghai has got a breather. time.Ancient Demon Rebirth!Shanghai naturally will not miss this vitality, desperately urging the ancient magic to regenerate, and the speed of recovery quickly keeps up with the speed of shattering, and even faintly surpasses it. Although the body is still shattering, it recovers faster than it is shattered.The severe pain caused by the continuous fragmentation is nothing to Shanghai, at least for the time being to save his life.Crazy old man…

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