\”Yes! The three of us have discussed. Now the best solution to this problem is that you go to Dan Shigong Association for assessment today. Dan Shigong Association will temporarily provide residence for the assessment friars until the assessment is completed. As long as you pass the assessment, even if you are only a first-class Dan Shigong, people of your family dare not ask for anything else. Dan Shigong association is separated from all sects and families A huge organization is also one of the most influential forces in the whole xuanqiu star. Therefore, no matter our Yan family, Shangguan family and Hua family, they dare not move the people recognized by the Dan Teachers Association. \”Yan Tao also solemnly looked at Jian Xi and added.

The senior leaders of the Qingyin Palace who were present took a breath of air. They only reached the level of high-level gods in the presence of the highest strength. Naturally, they were not able to transform their divine minds, but after all, they are the powerhouses of the Qiantian Temple, and they have heard of divine minds. .As long as those who reach the level of the god king, their spiritual consciousness will be completely transformed and transformed into a stronger spiritual mind. It is said that some god kings can rely on the spiritual mind to derive the terrible power of attack and kill, and instantly wipe out the sea of ​​knowledge and consciousness of others. The soul, even, can derive a lot of mysterious supernatural powers.Compared with the body, the consciousness of the sea and the soul is equivalent to the most deadly key to the cultivator, and it is difficult to recover if it is slightly injured.Elder Situ\’s divine mind has actually reached the level of transformation… Another great deacon\’s throat stirred, his face paled, and his eyes filled with awe.Divine Mind Transformation?Well! As long as you break through to the level of the god king, you can condense divine consciousness, but that is only the initial divine consciousness, which is only one level higher than spiritual consciousness, but if it is continuously realized and evolved, divine consciousness can be transformed. Form, this is the second level. Once you transform form, you can derive many mysterious and supernatural powers.The great deacon’s voice began to tremble, “The terrible thing about the divine consciousness is that the body strength cannot resist, and its power is even more terrifying than the spiritual consciousness. The soul travels above the nine heavens, transforming the power of the law, the heavens, and the earth.\”So scary…This is to the extreme level. Even if the body is destroyed, as long as the divine mind remains, it can even regenerate by selecting the body…Choose the body to regenerate, how is this possible…The strong light tone palace present could not help exclaiming. Everyone in the room knew that once they were killed, even if the soul existed, it would soon disappear between the heavens and the earth, let alone choose the body to regenerate. This is simply subversive. Up to their imagination.I also heard it from ancient books. I don\’t know exactly how it is. The chief deacon couldn\’t help but shook his head slightly.At this time!The palace lord Ji Ya, who was completely sealed off, suddenly flickered slightly between her eyebrows, and a faint golden light burst into the sky. The high-level Qingyin Palace present suddenly felt the sea trembled again.However, the amplitude was much weaker than that of Situ Ding, but even so, many senior executives felt dizzy for a while.Immediately!The two divine thoughts impacted together, the pale golden light, which blocked the falling golden light, intertwined one after another, continuously dispersing the gathering golden light.Ji Ya, what do you mean? Situ Ding\’s anger came from the void.Elder Situ! If you have to forgive others, you can forgive them. Although the two people in Shanghai made a big mistake, they should be judged by the Hall of Law Enforcement. Moreover, this place is my Qingyin Palace. I hope that Elder Situ will give Ji Ya a thin face. , How about leaving them alive? Ji Ya said.Spare them?

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