\”Well, congratulations.\” shangguanbo guessed at this time that it was the strange letter star who was protecting Jianxi\’s Dharma just now. It\’s just that Jane spared him, not her own Dharma protector, which made him feel like a stem in his throat.

Yeah! Shanghai nodded slightly.Once you get through the first floor, you can join the Temple of Heaven. This is what Luo Ya and others have said before. Obviously it is the rule of Temple of Heaven. He didn’t say anything. They followed the strong one. Later, he swept down to the black prison.After watching Shanghai leave, the three deacons and Luo Ya and others slowly retracted their gazes, and then everyone was horrified. That\’s not right!They were only interrupted by the appearance of Shanghai, and everyone did not react for a while. Now that they reacted, their expressions changed instantly. Wasn\’t the first layer blocked by the gods corroded by the ghosts? If this is the case, how did this person get through? The first layer?With the strength of Luo Ya and other gods, it is natural to see that Shanghai\’s strength is only the pinnacle of the Fourth World Zun. This level is equivalent to the ultimate level of the top-tier gods. Although it is infinitely close to the level of the gods, the two are inferior. The difference is still great.What\’s more, the god generals eroded by the ghost evil are stronger than ordinary god generals.Even if this son possesses a terrifying attack and killing power comparable to that of a god general, if he faces a god general who is corroded by the ghost, even if he can win in the end, it will definitely be a tragic victory. Looking at the appearance of Shanghai, his whole body is intact, with a little injury. Not at all, it doesn\’t look like it has gone through a deadly battle at all.Is it because the news is inaccurate?Or did you say something unexpected? The three deacons from the Outer Hall looked at each other with solemn expressions, and immediately slid to the entrance of the first floor, and they made some special seals. With a click, the seal on the entrance slowly opened. NS.call out……The three outside hall clerks swept back in advance.Luo Ya and the others looked at each other, confused and incomprehensible in their eyes, hesitated for a moment, and followed them closely.now!In the first floor of the black prison, the strong inside are gathering together, there are about a hundred or so people, and they are preparing to try to get through the first floor together.Suddenly perceiving the coercion of the stereotyped horror, the black prisoner\’s complexion changed, and when he saw Luo Ya and others, they were shocked.The three deacons of the Outer Temple, Luo Ya and others ignored the dark prison powerhouse, and went straight to the depths. Facing the ghost evil, they did not need to use treasures at all to resist directly with strength, and with the strength of the gods, resist the first. There is no problem with the ghost of the layer.When the eight people came to the end, they couldn’t help taking a breath, because in the corner, a god general who was twisted and left only a breath was struggling, but the bones in his body were broken, even the main body was struggling. He was hit hard and couldn\’t stand up at all.That kid did it? the headed deacon asked.Over the past two years, he is currently the only one who has gotten through the first layer. Luo Ya quickly replied.How long has he been in? the deacon of the outer hall led by then asked.

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