The man is also stunned. He didn\’t expect this. He is really stupid now. He is angry with himself.

After the blockade was completed, the five elders\’ faces were pale as paper, and the disciples of Mu Xuezong, whose minds were strained to the extreme, could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.Little Lin, you really killed you this time. A cold voice came, and I saw Dugu Sanming\’s face full of resentment. At this moment, his body has recovered, but compared to the previous freeze. In fact, the body now is a bit transparent, as if it could be dissipated at any time.In an instant!All the eyes in the hall were focused on Shanghai and Dugu Sanming, especially the five elders. Their expressions were uncertain and full of vigilance and alertness. They did not care about adjusting their breath, but moved on to all Mu Xuezong. In front of Mu Wanran\’s disciple, as for Mu Wanran, he was guarded by the two elders, and the three sat cross-legged. Even Mu Zhiyun sat cross-legged to the side, recovering as quickly as possible.The two kindnesses of mutual assistance will be remembered by Mu Xuezong. If there is a chance in the future, I will definitely return this favor. An elder in the lead said with his hands a little cold. At the same time, she still has power in her body. Be ready to shoot at any time.obviously!They still don\’t trust the two of Shanghai.If it hadn\’t been for Dugu Sansheng who was trying his best to recover himself, he would have been violent on the spot, desperately trying to help, but did not get a little benefit, and was coldly talked about by the old guys like Mu Xuezong, let alone him, anyone would be very angry.Shanghai didn’t bother to pay attention to the hostility of the Mu Xuezong elders. He cast his eyes on Mu Wanran who was not far away. Seeing that she was still in a coma, he immediately transmitted the voice to Mu Xing. Once time is broken, I am afraid that it will be difficult for me to deal with it. Not to mention the terrifying power of the Heretic God General and the Twelve Evil Men, it will be difficult for a million powerful people to deal with it.\”Friend Lin Daoist\’s worry is also our worry, but now all the people available in my sect are in this hall. The Sect Master and the Supreme Elder are both seriously injured. Now the Sect Master is in a coma. In this catastrophe, Fellow Lin Daoist and you helped each other out of righteousness, but dragged you to death, and Mu Xing was very guilty.Mu Xing\’s gaze showed a sad color, how could she not see the current situation of Mu Xuezong, the suzerain was in a coma, and the elder too was seriously injured. Although there are still some strong people who can hold it for a while, it is difficult to resist for too long. As a result, it was definitely the case that the family broke down.I\’m sure I can recover from Sect Master Mu\’s injury, can I give it a try? Shanghai said.what?Mu Xing was taken aback, and immediately reacted, and said in excitement, \”Friend Lin, are you kidding? Are you sure you can recover from the suzerain\’s injury?\”As soon as these words came out, the disciples in the hall and the elders were taken aback. The disciples who were already desperate had a glimmer of hope in their eyes. If the Sect Master can recover, they will have at least 30-40% of the vitality. grasp.In an instant!All eyes were focused on Shanghai, and many eyes were filled with eagerness and expectation.Nonsense.There was a cold shout, and it was the elder who had just spoken and said, \”The suzerain is so badly injured, you say you can recover? It\’s a joke, you have so much strength, but only at the level of the third world exalted, just vainly said that you want to recover the gods. Will be injured?\”Sect Master\’s injuries are more than just physical injuries, this little brother, I hope you don\’t utter wild words at will. Another elder said in a deep voice.

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