\”Do you treat us as fools? Those careful thoughts and calculations, do you think we will be too stupid to see? You think you are smart enough, and you think everyone is fooled around by you, don\’t you?\” shangguanbo turned around and stared coldly at Gao Shuang, half lowering his head and wringing his hands.

Divine Sense slowly retracted, Shanghai opened his eyes, and a look of consternation appeared in his eyes, \”Is this the power of Divine Sense… not only can it cover many areas of the City of All Things, but it can also penetrate and even see Those onesThe cultivation of the top gods… and they just feel bad, they can\’t detect my spiritual thoughts at all. \”Endless thoughts!In a blink of an eye, the speed of the divine mind was beyond imagination when traveling hundreds of millions of miles. This is because Shanghai’s divine mind was first formed, and there was only one strand. When the divine mind grows up, it will surely be able in the future. Develop powerful magical powers.What is even more frightening is that even the top gods can only barely sense the source of the divine consciousness under the divine consciousness search. With this divine consciousness, Shanghai can be absolutely active in the future.Spirituality is first achieved!Shanghai condensed the divine consciousness in the sea of ​​consciousness and enveloped it. As divine consciousness poured into his body, in an instant, he had insights into many insights, including the extreme reincarnation surrounding the body, and the original vague extreme reincarnation. Under divine thought, it became clear and thorough.Polar reincarnation begins with the reincarnation of living beings and the reincarnation of the law, and it circulates endlessly between each other. Although Shanghai understood in the past, it did not see it as thoroughly as it is today. From the beginning to the beginning, from the beginning to the beginning, The two are interdependent.In the reincarnation of life, thousands of creatures from birth to death, from death to life, multiply immortal, from the most inconspicuous grass, to the huge and powerful creatures at the top, each of them is in accordance with the law of life reincarnation, It continues continuously.Feeling the changes in the reincarnation of living beings, a powerful realization emerged in Shanghai\’s heart. This kind of realization has never been seen before. If it was a superficial understanding of the reincarnation of living beings before, then this time it has been deeply penetrated. To it.A small grass slowly overflowed its life force, followed by thousands of small grasses, and the thousands of creatures contained in this life cycle, all of them transformed into their contained life force, and it was all hits. Into the body of Shanghai.boom……The reincarnation of the creatures suddenly enlarged, surrounded by the body of Shanghai, a series of simple and profound lines, constantly engraved on his body, with the influx of these creatures reincarnation, he only felt that there seemed to be a closed barrier to be completely washed away. Opened the same.Bang…Zhihai shook suddenly, and the original supernatural power of Shanghai disappeared. It was replaced by another supernatural power that was a hundred times more terrifying. The terrible power impacted the enchantment in the residence, and a large number of defensive enchantments were instantly shattered. .Rumbling…The extreme state of reincarnation slowly revolves, and every turn releases extremely powerful force, and the reincarnation of life contains earth-shaking power.what……Shanghai raised his head and roared, venting his excitement after the breakthrough, and finally crossed the sky, and broke through to the level of the world-famous in one fell swoop. The terrifying power of the world-famous, centered on him, is like a sea-shattering wave of anger. In all directions.Boom boom boom…

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