Yan Tao and brilliance have come to Hua linger at this time. Just a moment ago, they didn\’t stop Hua linger. At this time, they saw a series of actions of Jian Xi, and they didn\’t understand what Jian Xi meant, so they were watching Jian Xi\’s actions as if there were no one else.

This method only has a 30% chance, and the process is extremely painful. I\’m afraid you will have to suffer for three years, and you may even want to make a living. Shanghai said.This is not a joke, because of the pain of this method, he hasn\’t brought it up, but when he sees his eldest brother so depressed, he decides to try to inquire about it. As for the eldest brother\’s willingness, it\’s up to the eldest brother himself.Suffering for three years of pain and wanting to live? As long as you can bear it, right? Lingxuanjian hurriedly asked. He felt that Shanghai was not joking, but it was possible, let alone this possibility, even if there was only a trace. Opportunity, he will not give up.Well, three years of torture, and there is only a 30% chance. Shanghai nodded.I am willing to try.Brother, you have to think clearly, it will take three years of pain.I have already figured it out. What pain can be more painful than it is now? Grandpa doesn\’t know when you will wake up, and the eighth brother, you have to go to the lower heavens of God\’s Domain. This kind of pain is really annoying. I\’m not afraid of my eighth brother\’s jokes. After I learned of my situation, I thought I would die. Lingxuanjian said with a tight fist.Well, find a secret room, absorb this thing into the body, and endure three years of suffering. Shanghai took out a jade porcelain vase, and inside it was a cloud of golden flames, which seemed to be formed by thousands of flames in the world. , Contains a kind of extreme heat and burning power.This is… Lingxuan Jian said in surprise. Although his realm is no longer there, but his eyesight is still there, he can naturally see that this thing is extremely extraordinary.True Yang bloodline, Shanghai said.True Yang Bloodline?One of the ancient bloodlines contains the ultimate true yang power. If your eldest brother is still strong, it will not be difficult to absorb this thing, but now your body is damaged. To absorb it, you have to endure extreme pain, three years of suffering. , It’s just what I predicted, maybe it will be longer.The Primordial Bloodline…The Spirit Profound Sword shook all over. Although he hadn\’t seen it before, it was recorded in some of the remnants of the Spirit God\’s line. It was a special and powerful bloodline in the Primordial Era. If it can become the inheritor of this bloodline There will be endless benefits.Unexpectedly, there would be such blood in Shanghai.Lingxuan Sword was very heart-moving, but after seeing Shanghai, he immediately withdrew his hand, shook his head and said: \”Eighth brother, with your qualifications and the help of this bloodline, your future achievements will be set above your brother, your mind , Brother took it, you should take it back and absorb it yourself. As long as you become stronger, I will be relieved of everything.\” Speaking of the back, I couldn\’t help but smile.This blood is useless to me, Shanghai said.Why? Lingxuanjian was startled.Let\’s not hide it from my eldest brother, I already have a kind of Primordial bloodline. I can\’t tell my eldest brother for the time being. I hope my eldest brother will not disclose it at will. Shanghai explained.You already have the Primordial Bloodline…

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