For a long time, Jian Xi\’s divine knowledge dared to go out and have a look. If they were all gone, the former desolation was restored here. He looked at Xiao Siyu who was still sleeping. Jane Xi has some emotion and complexity in her heart.

I\’m talking about two pieces of the 50,000 Supreme God Source. These two kinds of wild patterns will not be sold separately, but will only be sold as a set. Shanghai said here, slowly said: \”You fellow Taoists should have realized these two kinds of wild patterns. It should also be clear how much they can help at critical moments, and may even save one\’s own life. Is it expensive for fifty thousand superb god sources in exchange for a life-saving opportunity?\”this……The strong present looked at each other.Indeed, 50,000 Supreme God Sources, in exchange for the chance to save their lives, are indeed not expensive, and even very cheap. You must know that many treasures cannot do this.Chapter 1107It\’s really not expensive to buy two wild patterns from 50,000 Supreme God Sources. Lord Lin Chen will buy 30 sets on behalf of the Lie Clan Protoss. A leading powerhouse spoke first.The rest of the strong who had already been interested in hearing about it, immediately announced the quantity they would like to buy. Of course, they would not buy too much. They would buy 50 sets at most, and some would only buy ten sets. After all, the prices of these wild patterns. It\’s still a bit high.Mu Ningxue didn\’t move at all, because she didn\’t have much idea about the amount of the best god source.On the contrary, it was Ming Yuyan, but she was shocked, because she was the only person present outside of Shanghai who knew the price of the sale in the blood of the gods. At that time, it was only a few, plus five thousand high-grade gods. Some materials are!Actually rushed to the price of 50,000 Supreme God Source.Buying by one person is not a big deal, but if it is purchased by hundreds of powerful people, and the minimum is ten sets of starting, then the number of top god sources obtained, then how much does it have to be.For buyers, Shanghai will naturally not refuse.Sets of barren patterns are constantly taken out, and countless top quality gods are directly included in the Tiangang Ring. Shanghai does not know how many sets. Anyway, I have sold at least a thousand sets. In general, it is five thousand. Wanjipin is the source of the gods.This is an extremely astonishing number, even the top three gods, it is impossible to come up with 50 million of the best gods all at once.The main hall, which originally discussed the divided areas, is now in full swing.Guo Qidao and the others looked at this scene with extremely strange expressions, but it was Mu Xing of Mu Xuezong who looked at it with a smile on his face, without saying a word from beginning to end.soon!After the transaction was over, all the wild patterns brought by Shanghai were sold, and the superb god source he obtained reached an astonishing 80 million.Master Lin Chen, I wonder if there are any more? Some hesitating strong men immediately walked up.

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