After repeatedly confirming with Wang Qiang that the nun really had no other means. After all, they met many monsters in the Yanwu mountains together. The battle was not one or two, and they had never seen anything special about her. Therefore, Wang Qiang firmly believed in it, and the positive tone was very firm, which made the friar surnamed Chu put down his doubts. The three met Jian Xi face to face, The distance is less than 20 meters.

Shanghai knew that he and others had already entered the scope of the Bone Palace, and immediately everyone slowed down, because there were some potential dangers in this area. For the sake of safety, everyone could only walk slowly one step at a time.boom……There was a violent explosion in the distance.Block it, you must block it…Damn it, how come you met this demon here. Three hurried voices came from a distance.Shengmu and others stopped immediately, staring into the distance, and saw a humanoid monster with a body as high as two feet, dark skin and an ugly appearance, fighting with three strong men. This monster was filled with a decadent breath. Where it passed, everything around it was corroded by its breath.Demon… Shengmu and others were surprised.This demon seems to have taken shape for a long time, otherwise it doesn\’t have such a terrifying strength, it is almost comparable to a powerful person at the level of the Fourth World Zun\’s reincarnation artistic conception. Withered Wood said solemnly.Goblin!It was formed in a special environment after the strong who entered the blood table of the gods in the past. The initial strength of the demon is only equivalent to the strong of the reincarnation of the first world, and it will gradually grow over time. Get up, the longer the time, the more terrifying the demon\’s strength.This demon should be less than ten thousand years old. It is necessary to know that the strength of the ten thousand year demon is equivalent to the power of the Fourth World Zun\’s reincarnation mood. If it is a real ten thousand year of the demon, these three powerhouses will definitely be killed here. Shengmu said.Wang, these three people are in danger, shall I wait to continue walking or help them? Withered Wood asked.You are waiting here, I will go.After Shanghai has finished speaking, it has passed by.He had seen these three people, but they were three of the sixty-two people who had been brought in at the beginning.The three of them fought harder and harder, and they were almost out of support.hiss……The demon suddenly rushed forward, and the speed skyrocketed several times. The sharp claws slapped one of the strong men head-on, and the strong man was so scared that his soul was frightened. The power of the Samsara mood of the three worlds was defending in front of him, but he could touch that one. With only sharp claws, the defense was completely shattered.careful……Hurry and hide! The other two hurriedly shouted with their eyes splitting.

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