Although Jian Xi\’s words made people feel excited, shopkeeper Lu didn\’t believe it at this time. It\’s a little outrageous. The two women didn\’t come to play tricks on themselves or liars, so they coughed and said in a straight face: \”Tao you said so much. It\’s ridiculous. But as long as these pills are really what Tao you said, I\’ll let the guys in the store test them. If it\’s true, I\’ll buy them at 20% lower than the market price. What do you think?\” Shopkeeper Lu\’s small eyes are shining. If these pills are true, they will be purchased together. At least he can not worry about purchasing for half a year.

They felt the heartache in Shanghai. It was bleeding after the heart was pierced. This kind of pain is more desperate than the pain in the body.The tears in Ming Yuyan\’s eyes couldn\’t help streaming down.I, Shanghai, swear by my own soul, that this life will not destroy the True Nether God Clan, and I will be the soul flying away… Shanghai stopped laughing, and issued this poisonous oath word by word. As the oath emerged, it turned into a special pattern. , Hit the top of the sky.boom……The sky of the dim gods battlefield has completely changed color, and the wind is surging everywhere, and the vast and majestic power is constantly brewing in the sky. The Yilan and others in the temple can\’t help but tremble at it. This vow has been fulfilled, and it has been aroused. The world has changed.what……Shenlong was stiff.Swearing by the soul is no joke. If Shanghai really can\’t do it, it will surely be dispelled, and it will be difficult to step into reincarnation again.If you dare to swear by your soul, you can see Shanghai\’s determination.Shanghai slowly raised his head, his eyes full of deathly silence, \”From your first one, anyone who has a relationship with the True Hades Protoss in the future will dare to do anything wrong with me or the people around me, kill! Kill! Kill! End your life. , Even if you flee to the end of God\’s Domain, you must chase to the end.\”Word by word, full of terrifying killing intent.Even Yilan and the others couldn\’t help their heart beating violently. They didn\’t expect Shanghai to be so determined to subvert the entire True Underworld God Clan with one person.No…you can\’t kill me… Shen Long hurriedly called.stop!An angry shout came from the sky, and a short and thin figure appeared in the void. This person was like a black shadow, it was difficult to distinguish his face, but with his appearance, a suffocating aura that suffocated the people present came out of thin air. After that, even Yi Lan felt suffocated.If Shenlong\’s strength is enough to defeat her within ten moves, then the person in front of him definitely possesses the terrifying ability to kill her in an instant.The Third World Lord… On this short and thin figure, Yi Lan felt a terrifying breath, and her pretty face changed completely.Senior Gongba, save me…Shenlong was overjoyed when he saw the short and thin man, as if he had grasped the straw, he hurriedly called for help, he saw the vitality, as long as he bowed and barked, he would definitely be rescued.Shanghai didn\’t hear it, and the force on the fingers was getting stronger and stronger.

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