Of course, the choice of the three of them was correct. After all, in this area, they may encounter danger and even perish at any time. It is inevitable to protect themselves, but Shanghai doesn\’t like this feeling very much. They are both a small team. But can\’t help in times of crisis, so what\’s the use of being together?

This is the seed token that Jian\’er won in the top 50 in the previous session. You can directly enter the second round without participating in the first round. If you can get the top 50 in this session, you can also get the seed token in the next session. Card. The second elder said quietly.The first fifty…Ling Xuanbiao shrank his head angrily and stopped speaking. He naturally knew his abilities, let alone the first fifty. It is hard to say whether he could pass the first round this time, and this time he participated in the Hundred Races Conference. It\’s all about participating.Jian\’er, you participated in the last session. You are quite familiar with the process of the Hundred Clan Conference, so there is no need to tell you more. Haoer, you are attending for the first time, so it\’s not clear for the time being. Let me tell you about it now. , The first round will not be ranked, but will be evaluated. And this time, no one knows what the evaluation is except for those who arrange the temple.” The Fourth Elder said slowly.
Assessment? That\’s not easy. Generally, the assessment is not a problem.\” Ling Xuanbiao smiled.simple?The fourth elder snorted, \”Xuan Biao, don’t laugh too early. In the previous assessment, less than 30% passed the assessment. There were more than 6,000 participants in the previous session, and 4,000 were eliminated in the first assessment. Among them, there are many direct descendants of those powerful branches, and the ability of those children is not even worse than that of the third child, and some are slightly higher than one or two stories.\”Hearing this, Ling Xuanhao and the others\’ complexions changed slightly, especially Ling Xuanbiao immediately shut up. If he speaks big words, it would be shameful that he would not even pass the first assessment by then.You don\’t need to worry. According to previous assessments, each assessment is not a test of your current strength, but your potential. After all, everyone has different years of cultivation, so there are strengths and weaknesses, but there is one thing. What will never change is potential.The fourth elder continued: \”Many of the past have just broken through to the realm of the Venerable, and easily passed the assessment, so you don\’t need to think too much, just concentrate on participating in the assessment.\” While speaking, he glanced at Shanghai and was obviously comforting. he.Ling Xuanbiao let out a sigh of relief. Among the crowd, his strength can be regarded as the bottom. Participating in this Hundred Clan Conference is just to make up the number, because there are already places in the clan who are stronger than him. All his peers are weaker than him.The only good thing is that Shanghai is with me.Although Shanghai is now equal to him, he knows that with Shanghai\’s ability, he will surpass himself sooner or later, but that will be the future.Eight brother, it seems we have to work hard. Ling Xuanbiao patted Shanghai on the shoulder, looking like a pair of difficult brothers.Yeah! Shanghai nodded slightly.Afterwards!The Fourth Elder said something to note at the Hundred Clan Conference, and encouraged words like that, before he waved his hand, \”Go!\”Xuandi Jingshan!It was the site of this assessment. It was a special floating mountain to the west of God City. This mountain didn\’t look big, but the space inside was extremely vast, as if a small world was contained in it.Below the mountain peaks, there have been gatherings of major branches participating in the Hundred Clan Conference. Each branch has as many as dozens of people, and as few as two or three.Looking around, there are about 8,000 people. These people are all participating in the Hundred Clan Conference, while no participants are waiting outside to observe.

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